198 cm Daniel, who learned volleyball for 2 months, “I wanted to play basketball”

“When I was playing volleyball, I thought of basketball more than volleyball. If I were to play sports, I wanted to play the basketball I wanted to play.”

On the 28th of last month, the gymnasium of Gyeseong Middle School. Among the players wearing the red uniform, only one was training in other clothes.

KBL is conducting a program to discover tall basketball players. If a general student who has passed the height standard by age registers as a player of the Korea Basketball Association, an initial discovery subsidy of 1 million won and a training subsidy of 200,000 won per month for 27 months are provided.

The only player who was wearing different clothes was Makarov Daniel Ekene, who was selected for tall player support as a result of a height measurement at the KBL Center about two weeks ago. He is said to be 198 cm tall. Although both his parents’ nationalities are from different countries, Daniel was born and raised in Korea.

Daniel, whom I met after training, said, “I am tall, and basketball is fun, so I thought it would be nice to try it, and it suits me well.” Rather than having fun, I wanted to be a player. He called during the speech and said (he wanted to be a basketball player) and then transferred,” he told the story of how he started playing basketball. 카지노사이트

He said that among NBA players, he likes Stephen Curry.

Before transferring to Gyeseong Middle School, Daniel, who attended Gyeongbuk Ambassador Middle School with a volleyball team, said, “I played volleyball for two months. He said, “When I was playing volleyball, I thought of basketball more than volleyball.” Basketball has more skills than volleyball, and I liked it better because I went back and forth.”

Some said that height measurements at the KBL center tended to be slightly smaller than those measured at hospitals in advance.

Daniel said, “It was my first time going to KBL, but I was a bit nervous, but it was nice because he was kind.”

Daniel, who has just started playing basketball, said, “It is difficult to learn all the techniques. When I do it for fun, I don’t even know how to shoot, so (the shot) doesn’t go in, but it’s better because I do it while learning that,” he said. “The training itself is difficult, but it’s good. After training, I feel proud.”

It’s not too late to start playing basketball when I was in my third year of middle school, but it’s true that I need more training than others.

Daniel said, “I go home and look for skill videos, or go out to the park and practice dribbling and shooting for 1-2 hours by myself.”

Gyeseong doesn’t look at Daniel right away with a sense of power. He believes that if he prepares basic skills for a year and is sent to Gyeseong High School, he will be more active on the high school stage. If Daniel builds up his skills step by step, it is expected that Gyeseong High School, which has been changing since last year, will give him a great boost to grow one step further.

Daniel hoped, “He wants to become a player who is good at 3-point shots and dunks in the future.”

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