30% of the hit product of the 27-year-old dinosaur corps… Unsatisfied with the 2nd team batting king, ‘stick to yourself’

“It’s a ball that sticks a lot toward the body, but the speed at which the hand comes out is fast.”

SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon praised NC infielder Seo Ho-cheol (27) as above while relaying the Changwon NC-LG match on the 27th. At the time, committee member Yang Sang-moon said, “Hitters who hit the outside ball well have good batting skills, and hitters who hit the inside ball well have good motor nerves and athletic abilities.”

The key criterion for evaluating a real hitter is, after all, the ability to attack the outside course. On the body side, if you have your own hitting mechanic established, and if you have quickness, you can attack. On the other hand, attacking outside is a technique. In that respect, Seo Ho-cheol is a corner infielder with endless possibilities. He is not from the Futures League batting champion for nothing.

Such Seo Ho-cheol struggles to make his average in his first team. From late June to early July, he went between 3 and 2/3, but lost his own batting balance and rhythm after taking a break in mid-July due to a little finger ligament injury.먹튀검증

In fact, Seo Ho-cheol had a batting average of 0.233 in July and 0.227 in August. However, on the 25th and 27th, he showed signs of recovery with 5 hits in 12 at-bats in 3 home matches against LG. According to the favorable reviews of both committee members, it has almost recovered its appearance in its prime. He sticks to his original style of hitting close to the body of the batter box.

If he is a pitcher whose control of the inside course is unstable, he has no choice but to play with only one side outside. Then thank you to Seo Ho-cheol. Because it strikes close to the body line of the batter box, it can attack the outside skillfully. He thought it was a concept for attacking the outside, but as Commissioner Yang said, it can also target the inside. It is clear that Seo Ho-cheol is a good hitter.

After the KIA game in Gwangju on the 29th was canceled due to rain, coach Kang In-kwon said, “After the injury, I feel a little down. He had a few game hiatus and his old timing is not coming back. He seems to be finding his own form as he plays.”

At this point, 30% has collapsed. However, if the condition is recovering recently, there is a high possibility of recovering 30%. The first-team career batting average is 0.256. Seo Ho-cheol’s average is not 30% just because he hits 30% this year. However, there is a huge difference between hitting 30% in the first team and not hitting it.

Once you hit 30%, you can lay the foundation for being recognized as a true 30% hitter. If you consistently hit 30% for more than 3 years, you will be recognized as an average. It’s not easy. Now, Seo Ho-cheol is struggling with himself between the 30% and the second half of the 20%.

NC spends the entire rebuilding process of the infield. Other than second baseman Park Min-woo, it is a process of establishing a new power for the future. It is possible to play multiple positions in the infield of the West Lake Railway, but it is correct to settle in third base. Realistically, if it is difficult to hold expectations for Park Seok-min anymore, Seo Ho-cheol should be the main third baseman. At first base, it is only right that big guns such as Yoon Hyeong-jun and Oh Young-soo have a chance. Seo Ho-cheol’s challenge can be a big milestone for NC.

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