‘5 goals’ until the round of 16, the birth of an exceptional scorer… Ansan Mirae Jung Joo-hyung, K-League U-18 Championship ‘Best’

Ansan Greeners U-18 (under 18 years old) Jung Joo-hyung won the top scorer at the ‘2023 GROUND.NK League U-18 Championship’.

On the 7th, before the home game against Chungbuk Cheongju FC in Round 25 of Hana One Q K League 2 held at Wa~ Stadium, Ansan Greeners U-18 Jung Joo-hyung, who won the top scorer in the K-League Youth Championship, had an awards ceremony. Due to bad weather, the award ceremony scheduled at the ground was held in the Ansan Greeners Media Room. The ceremony was attended by CEO Lee Jung-sook.

Ansan Greeners U-18 Jung Joo-hyung took charge of the team’s offensive power in this tournament and played a big role in this tournament as well, leading the team to the round of 16 and winning the tournament’s top scorer. His excellent sense of goal and breakthrough through fast speed are evaluated as outstanding.

It is an unusual case that the top scorer came from a team that advanced to the round of 16 rather than the winning team in the championship. Jung Joo-hyung scored a total of five goals, four goals in the group stage and one goal in the round of 16, and won the top scorer award.

After scoring a goal in the 61st minute in the match against Gimpo in the first round of the group stage, he scored an additional goal in the 74th minute to complete a multi-goal, contributing to his first win. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the group stage, he scored free kicks in the 46th and 68th minutes, respectively, and scored a total of four goals in the group stage alone, helping the team advance to the round of 16.먹튀검증

In the match against Jeonbuk U-18 in the round of 16, Jung Joo-hyeong scored the opening goal in the 18th minute from a free kick, but Jeonbuk reversed and lost 1-2 to finish the tournament.

Ansan Greeners general manager Kim Gil-sik said, “It is encouraging that our youth team produced a top scorer. It seems to have been a good motivation for the youth players as well,” he said.

Jung Joo-hyung, who won the top scorer, said, “It is a new feeling to win the top scorer in a big tournament where all the K-League youth clubs gather. I want to be a player who can help the team in the future,” he said.

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