5 matches in the 6th round that are important for Cheongju KB Stars regardless of whether they advance to the semifinals

Cheongju KB Stars is having a hard time in the regular league of ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’. It took a considerable amount of time for center Park Ji-soo, who was evaluated as 50% of the team’s strength last summer, to return to the team after complaining of symptoms of an airport disorder. The aftermath was considerable. KB Stars has only won 2 wins in 13 games since the start of this season. It seemed to come back to life with Park Ji-soo’s return, but another injury variable occurred. Park Ji-soo’s season ended prematurely with a dislocated left middle finger.

In the end, the possibility of KB Stars advancing to the semifinal playoffs (PO) also became slim. With only 5 games left with 9 wins and 16 losses, even if they win all the games in the future, if the top teams add 1 or 2 wins, KB Stars’ possibility of ‘spring basketball’ will disappear.
However, KB Stars won a meaningful victory against BNK Some in Busan on the 11th. In the absence of Park Ji-soo, Kang I-seul and other key players made a big success, and won 64-62 after an extended game. Although Iseul Kang was responsible for a whopping 32 points, Yeeun Heo, Seongyoung Sim, and Jisu Yang showed their aggressiveness in the attack and added points in the match was a great boost.

KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo continued to order the players to break away from ‘Park Ji-soo dependence’ after taking office. But it wasn’t easy. The reason why KB Stars suffered from extreme sluggishness in the beginning of this season was because they couldn’t show proper play in the absence of Park Ji-soo. The defense was also a problem, but the offense was even more frustrating. Manager Kim is repeatedly ordering activeness from the players. He hopes that the players will have fun playing basketball themselves by developing more aggressive attacks. As the effect gradually manifests itself, the game has recently improved in terms of content. 카지노사이트

If Ji-soo Park can continue to show good performance without Ji-soo Park, KB Stars can rise to a stronger team when Ji-soo Park returns in a healthy state next season. This is why it is important how they perform in the remaining 5 games regardless of whether they advance to the PO.

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