A hint of a comeback? ‘Suspicion naked’ Greenwood, tag ‘Man United + sponsor’ on social media

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this implying a comeback? The charges were dropped and Mason Greenwood, who was cleared of the charges, tagged his team and sponsor on his social media profile.

Greenwood is cleared of all criminal charges. Local media, such as the British BBC, reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that “the prosecution for attempted sex crimes and assault charges against Greenwood has been dropped.” The British Attorney’s Office explained that the prosecution was suspended when key witnesses in the case withdrew their involvement.

The case has been settled. After the report came out, Greenwood thanked those who believed in her, saying, “I am relieved that this issue is now over and I am grateful for the support of my family, loved ones and friends.”

Nevertheless, there were observations that Manchester United and Greenwood would part ways. England’s ‘The Sun’ said, “Greenwood told his friends that he had no intention of playing for Manchester United again. He felt that Manchester United did not support him and said he would play in China if he could get paid.” reported that he would be leaving Manchester United.

Skepticism also prevailed. According to the UK’s ‘Daily Mail’, Manchester United players will be talking about Greenwood’s return, but the mood that shakes the happy mood in the locker room is not welcome. Local media also predicted that Greenwood would not welcome him because it could damage Manchester United’s brand image in the long run.

It was an incorrect prediction. United recently re-added Greenwood’s profile to their official website. Although he has been registered in the under-21 (U21) squad, being named among the first-team players suggests that Greenwood’s re-entry to Old Trafford is just around the corner.

So did Greenwood. Greenwood changed his social media and left accounts of Manchester United and Nike Football in his profile description. The fact that he posted an article tagging his team and sponsor in a public place is interpreted as meaning that Greenwood is preparing for his return.

Greenwood was once a ‘supernova’ of man utd, and was evaluated as a lumber to lead man utd’s future with Marcus Rashford. Even though United are currently in good form, Greenwood’s addition will be a clear plus for the team. Attention is focusing on whether Greenwood will wear the red uniform again.

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