Adults of Korean women without “It’s my fault”, there is no future without humble reflection 

After the 2019 French Women’s World Cup final against Norway, the players cried out loud in the mixed zone after the final match and three losses were confirmed. He bit his lip, saying, “I will never do this in four years. I will do a World Cup without regrets.” At the end of 2019, head coach Colin Bell, who led Frankfurt, Germany to win the European Champions League, was appointed as the Korean women’s soccer command tower, calling for “high-intensity” soccer, and defeating Australia in the 2022 Asian Cup to advance to the first ever final, raising expectations. ‘High intensity, high, strong, challenge!’ The slogan was also attractive. I was full of hope for the round of 16. However, his words that ‘the truth is on the pitch’ were not kept. Right after the two consecutive defeats against Colombia and Morocco, Ji So-yeon shed tears, saying, “It seems like I went back to 4 years ago. I’m sorry.” Cho So-hyun admitted, “It is also our ability that we cannot show on a big stage like the World Cup. Our skills are lacking.” It was only the players who acknowledged their shortcomings and blamed themselves.

▶4 years of walking in place, adults without ‘It’s my fault’

At the moment of crisis, adults blamed each other as if they were determined. After the defeat against Colombia and Morocco, coach Bell criticized the quality of the Korean women’s football system and the WK league one after another. He said that the ‘high intensity’ that he has been persistently advocating should be a philosophy and principle that consistently leads to elementary, middle, high school, university, and unemployment teams, not something that can be done by flashing in the national team. He said, “The WK league is slow and uncompetitive,” and also said, “It’s a nonsense league where players don’t get much inspiration even if they win or lose.” Normally, he would nod his head, of course, but it wasn’t what he wanted to hear from the head of the ‘high-strength’ after the ‘two-game losing streak’. There was no introspection on the tactics of the game in which there was not a single effective shot, the sweet potato performance that was consistently frustrating, and the defeat. It was consistent with ‘macro’ excuses for the Korean women’s football system.

The WK League coaches who watched the match from the stands were also furious as stories to be told before or after the tournament burst out like a flood at the World Cup site. A manager of a local club said, “Coach Bell has never come to see our team’s players. He has never talked to them. He had a meeting at the beginning of his term, but he only talked about himself in a semi-one-sided way.” Another coach expressed regret, saying, “Player A is a player who needs to be used in the front line, and there is no player who plays as well as B on the side, but he was not used at all.” Opinions were divided about making a surprise debut on the World Cup stage for ’16-year-old rookie’ Casey Fair, who had also hidden the final match against Haiti. He also raised the question of whether it was right to debut a pair of ‘live beginners’ in a desperate situation where they were falling behind 0-2, not in a situation where they were leading 2-0. Oh Kyu-sang, president of the Women’s Football Federation, openly criticized Coach Bell. She raised her voice, saying, “It’s a catastrophe. Manager Bell must resign. We couldn’t even grasp the individual tendencies of the 23 players. The manager who should apologize is blaming the WK League.”

In a situation where Korean women’s soccer is continuing its 6-game losing streak at the World Cup stage, and each other’s ‘It’s my fault’, it’s not enough to beat each other’s chest, the coach blames the league and federation at the World Cup press conference, and the league and federation blame the coach and the Korea Football Association. blamed It was truly an embarrassing self-portrait. The reason why we were the only ones in place for the past 4 years was there.

▶Association-Confederation-National Team, there is no future without everyone’s reflection

The Korea Football Association cannot be free from the responsibility of indifference. Four years ago, Hong Myung-bo, executive director of the Korea Football Association at the time, Kim Pan-gon, head of the National Team Power Reinforcement Committee, and WK League coaches accompanied the French World Cup site four years ago. However, association officials were not noticed at the site of this competition. Former vice president Hong Eun-ah (Professor at Ewha Womans University), who had carefully looked after the women’s national soccer team, was unable to join the executives as the executives resigned en masse due to the controversy over the amnesty of footballers, and even though Jang Oe-ryong, vice president, arrived the day before the Morocco match, they could not become close friends with women’s soccer overnight. . KFA honorary chairman Chung Mong-joon (former FIFA vice-president) was the only one to watch the first and second games, and KFA president Chung Mong-kyu watched the third game against Germany on the spot.

Europe, South America, and Africa all developed, but we could feel at every press conference that we were the only ones standing still. Morocco has set up a 4-year plan for the development of women’s football from 2020, launched the 1st and 2nd professional leagues, and is providing national support. He said that more than 40,000 spectators gathered at the Copa America final and said, “I play for the people.” why are we the same Why do these golden generation players, who won the 2010 Under-17 World Cup, placed third in the Under-20 World Cup, and won the gold medal at the 2009 Belgrade Universiade, struggle every time on the adult World Cup stage?먹튀검증

This is not the time to blame each other. There is no future without humble reflection in each person’s place. Even if the WK League doesn’t catch the eye of coach Bell, most of the national team’s players are from this league. ‘Respect’ is required. It is time for the Women’s Football Federation and WK League coaches to draw a big picture. If you have witnessed the wall of world football, now is the time to learn and work together for innovation instead of blaming the coach.

On the way home, Director Bell finally spoke of ‘responsibility’. At a press conference on his return home on the 5th, he said, “We showed what we can do in the match against Germany. We will continue to do so so that what we learned and experienced in this competition can be reflected in the team in the future.”

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