Ansan recruits MF Kim Jin-hyeon and DF Kim Jae-seong

Kim Jin-hyun, from Pocheol Middle School and Pocheol High School, joined Pohang Steelers in 2020 and was loaned to Gwangju and took his first step in the K-League. While attending Yongin University, he scored 14 goals in 13 games (U-League in the 2019 season), helping to win 5 consecutive victories in the college football regional league, and also contributed to the team’s championship by playing a big role in the 2018 U-League Wangjungwangjeon. He was also consistently named in the U20 and U23 national teams by age group and showed a promising appearance.

Kim Jin-hyun is a multi-resource who is good at both offense and defense. His strengths are precise kicks and decisive key passes, and his reckless and strong pressure from the front stands out when switching defenses. He also raises expectations with his active activity, excellent space penetration ability, and scoring ability.

Kim Jae-seong, 메이저사이트 who played an active role as the main center back of the golden generation of Hyundai High School, took on a key role in the team as a multi-resource regardless of position during college. He went through U18 and U19 and was consistently selected for the U20 age group, and joined Ulsan Hyundai in 2020. At the same time as he joined, he moved to Asan, Chungcheongnam-do on loan and accumulated his professional stage experience.

Kim Jae-seong’s strengths are his vigorous activity, active overlapping, and sharp crosses. He is a player who is said to play smart and is expected to revitalize Ansan’s defense.

Kim Jin-hyun said, “I will do my best every moment with a desperate heart and become a player who helps Ansan Greeners achieve good results this year.” I would like to ask for your support and a lot of support.”

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