Bae Dong-hyun, representative of ‘Road FC’, “I will finish Taisei, representative of ‘DEEP’, in the first round.”

“I will finish in the first round.”

Fighter Bae Dong-hyeon (38, Team Finish), a former professional soccer player, expressed his determination to take part in the Korea-Japan match. Bae Dong-hyun, who has an enemy in the heavyweight division, competes in the ‘Gobne ROAD FC 063’ held at the Goyang Gymnasium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 25th and faces Sekino Taisei (23, FREE) of Japan’s DEEP.

Recently, Road FC’s official YouTube channel posted an interview video about the two players and listened to their determination.

Bae Dong-hyun is training especially hard because this match is against Korea and Japan. He visits the wrestling gym and does wrestling training to prepare for his opponents.

Bae Dong-hyun said, “I am preparing not to play a boring game. He is preparing for the match with the thought that he will finish within the first round somehow, so please look forward to it.” 안전놀이터

He continued, “He keeps saying that he is a fighter, but he will definitely show what happens when a fighter and a fighter fight. If it were a wrestling game, he would drag him around the floor like a dog. Even though DEEP has been around for a long time, there are no players who have not passed through Road FC. I will prove how strong Road FC fighters are.”

Sekino Taisei said, “I am looking forward to going to the big stage of Road FC in Korea. Right now, I have no choice but to defeat Bae Dong-hyun. The opponent is also tough, so it looks like it will be a tough match, but in the end, I will sink Bae Dong-hyun to the mat with a pattern I am good at. He showed confidence, saying, “I will conquer Korea’s heavyweight division.”

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