Behind-the-scenes story of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Yasmin replacement decision, Montaño recruitment

Hyundai E&C, which was running at the forefront without hesitation, had a problem.

Foreign player Yasmin Bedardt was injured. On December 18, after playing against Pepper Savings Bank, he developed a problem with his back. He missed his first round 2 bout with a shoulder injury sustained at the end of round 1. This time the injury was different. underwent a thorough examination. The results were not good. There is a problem with the disk. Hyundai E&C disclosed this fact ahead of the game against KGC Ginseng Corporation on December 25th. On that day, Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s winning streak, which had continued since the opening, stopped at 15. It was a Christmas nightmare.

Up to this point, Hyundai E&C had put more hope in Yasmin’s early return. The coaching staff said, “Let’s make the most of our time by holding out until we can survive with native players.” That’s why Yasmin’s portion of the team was high. We also considered the reality that it is difficult to find a replacement for him who is compatible with him. Fortunately, veteran Hwang Yeon-ju filled Yasmin’s void well. After Yasmin was lost, they lost 2 in a row, but they won 4 in a row again. In the midst of this, rumors circulated that Yasmin’s injury was part of a ruptured disc in her back. If that was true, it wouldn’t be too bad.

Yasmin’s expected appearance was in the 5th round. It was a realistically difficult goal. Yasmin was not a normal disc patient, but a professional volleyball player who needed to jump. He needed a much healthier back, given the strain on his back and his 90kg weight. His comeback during the season was nothing short of a miracle. The coaching staff knew that too. He just couldn’t reveal it to the outside world. As he entered the Lunar New Year holiday, he made the final decision that he would not be able to be with Yasmin.

For Yasmin, it was a result worthy of hitting the ground and wailing.

It was the moment when he debuted in the V-League last season and was just about to peak his career. After polishing his skills in the Philippine, Croatian and Greek leagues, he was finally a 26-year-old player who was about to blossom in Hyundai E&C. The life of a female volleyball player playing in a league in a volleyball periphery was tough. She had to move from league to country while earning a salaried-level salary. It wasn’t a league like our V-League that gave you a house, a car, all-you-can-eat food, and even an interpreter. Fans’ enthusiastic support and wonderful stadium facilities were enough to bring happiness to Yasmin. In addition, the team had been in first place for two consecutive seasons. For Yasmin, the V-League and Hyundai E&C meant success as a player and were seen as a springboard for his leap forward.

Yasmin knew that better than anyone, so he was sincere. He worked harder than anyone else.

He struggled to lose weight and finished 4th in scoring last season in the V-League and 2nd overall in offense. Thanks to that achievement, he also signed a second year contract with Hyundai E&C. His annual salary also jumped to $300,000. He was a huge sum that even the main players in the European big leagues could not easily receive. Yasmin was good with his teammates as well as with his teammates. He was loved by everyone for his dedication to winning. In the end, that sincerity and dedication to his team caught up with him. Warning lights continued to ring ahead of his back injury. In the second half of the second round, Yasmin’s attack share skyrocketed when the team engaged in a bloody battle for 5 sets of 3 matches in a row. Between November 30 and December 8, he had 64–70–75 attacks each while playing 15 sets. His offensive share ranged from 38.3 to 40.7 to 44.1%.

The decisive blow came when Yang Hyo-jin was injured early in the third round.

Yasmin recorded an attack share of 43.48% in the game against GS Caltex on December 15, and then took a 49.53% share against AI Peppers three days later. This season, he participated in 13 matches and 47 sets, attacking 653 times.

In the 2021-2022 season, when the season was suspended due to Corona 19, 1343 attacks were recorded in 113 sets in 30 games. His season offensive share was 32.66%. In the second season of the V-League, his offensive share increased further. The result of the overuse is a ruptured herniated disc that threatens his future career as an athlete. Examples of this can be easily found in the V-League. 스포츠토토

In the 2017-2018 season, the road construction won the first integrated championship since its foundation thanks to Ivana Nesovic. After grinding bones for the team, Ivana developed a problem with his shoulder midway through the next season. He was eventually replaced by Far Tow Duke. Ivana’s shoulder injury ended his career prematurely. It is a sad ending for the players who burned their bodies like fireworks for his team. To that extent, foreign players playing in the V-League must be prepared for overuse. However, the rewards are certain, so many players want to play in Korea. No one can guarantee Yasmin’s next career as a player who has to undergo back surgery.

When it was decided to break up with Yasmin, Hyundai E&C moved quickly.

The search for new foreign players was quick. Rebecca Lasem, who played for IBK Industrial Bank, and Banja Savic of Serbia were nominated. Unfortunately, Savich is currently suffering from a back injury and is excluded from the recruiting list. Director Kang Seong-hyung chose Ivone Montaño after much consideration. At the same time, the process of terminating the contract with Yasmin was quietly carried out. He was a player who had served the team for a long time, so he didn’t let me down. According to the regulations, the remaining annual salary is 45 days from the date of contract termination, but Hyundai E&C was different. His hands were big. He even paid for back treatment.

The task of recruiting Montaño was also fraught with difficulties. It wasn’t easy for him as he was a regular player for Turkish second division team Murad Pasa Belediye. The team was looking to make the playoffs. There were no other apositive candidates on the team. Asking a team with only 14 players to suddenly give them a main striker in the middle of the season was practically the same as giving up the season. In response to Hyundai E&C’s official proposal, Murad Pasa clearly expressed its intention to reject it. However, Hyundai E&C was not going to back down either. Increased the buyout amount. Normally, when a player is brought in from an opposing team during the season, the buyout amount is based on the player’s annual salary. It was different this time. The response to the additional proposal was not good.

Hyundai E&C used the third method. This time, I had direct contact with the player. It was hard for a player to shake off the good environment and high salary of the V-League. Montaño, who had already tried the V-League once but failed, was moved. Murad-Pasa requested permission to transfer, saying, “I want to go to Korea.” If a player says he wants to go, there is virtually no way for the club to stop it. If not let go, the player could be slowed down, so Murad Pasa eventually accepted the transfer by crying and eating mustard.

It was Hyundai E&C that missed the opportunity to become a champion as volleyball disappeared last season in the spring. This season, it has been running at number one ever since the opening. Hyundai E&C, which said it would row while the water came in, quickly completed the recruitment of Montaño. The will was great. It was Hyundai E&C, which had even booked Montaño’s plane ticket to Korea even before Murad-Pasa’s final OK sign came out. In the worst case, even if the club did not allow it, I tried to find a way to bring the player to Korea. Administrative work was also rushed for Montaño to obtain a work visa as soon as possible. Thanks to the club’s quick and decisive decision, Montaño was brought into the country less than two weeks after the signing decision. Hyundai E&C is trying to make sure to participate in the match against AI Peppers on the 10th. Now, the last remaining procedure is for the Colombian Volleyball Association to access the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) international transfer permit system and press the approval button. When this procedure is completed, Montaño can compete wearing Hyundai E&C’s uniform.

Hyundai E&C lost 0-3 to Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 7th in a face-to-face match in the 5th round. Hyundai E&C has 21 wins and 5 losses, and Heungkuk Life Insurance has 20 wins and 6 losses. It is the same with 60 points, but Hyundai E&C is still in first place in terms of multiplier. Libero Kim Yeon-gyeon was replaced due to an ankle injury while defending at the end of the second set, making the road ahead even more difficult. A situation is coming where Montaño will have to step up sooner. Hyundai E&C won the fight against time. Now Montaño just needs to show his skills on the court.

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