Bunt and bunt 6 points, 10G and 30% hit… KIA track and field team, does the big inning bell ring often?

 Ring the bell of Big Inning. 

The KIA Tigers won a valuable victory with the track and field team’s bunt baseball. In the match against the Samsung Lions held on the 3rd at the Pohang Baseball Stadium in North Gyeongsang Province, Choi Won-jun and Kim Do-young’s two exquisite bunts made a come-from-behind and big innings to seize the victory. It was a scene that showed the direction of KIA baseball in the fierce ranking competition in the future. 

In the top of the first inning, Socrates Brito took a 1-0 lead with a timely hit, but starter Lee Eui-ri faltered and contributed 4 points, predicting a difficult game. However, as Lee Eui-ri found stability and prevented the run, he pursued one point at a time and pursued it to 3-4. As much as their cohesiveness became stronger, they were ready to turn over when a chance came.  메이저사이트

In the top of the 6th inning, the opportunity finally came. Leading batter Park Chan-ho hit a double to the left of the left fielder. It was a bunt timing, and as it was connected to the top line, a strong attack was free. Leadoff Choi Won-joon bunted the first pitch. The batted ball went toward third base. However, third baseman Kang Han-wool was in a hurry and committed a bad throw to first base. 

Like the safety bunt, the speed and direction of the batted ball are exquisite, and Choi Won-joon’s quick feet are added, causing the opponent’s third baseman to make a mistake. The score was immediately tied, signaling the start of the big inning. In the ensuing first base, Kim Do-young once again attempted a fatal surprise bunt. He bunted Won Tae-in’s first pitch. 

Won Tae-in jumped out, grabbed the ball, and quickly sprayed it to 1st base. Centrifugal is out. However, as a result of reading the video, it was revealed that Kim Do-young’s foot touched the base first. It led to a chance for 1st and 3rd base safely, and Won Tae-in went down from the mound. Na Seong-beom’s walk, Choi Hyung-woo’s 2 RBIs, Kim Seon-bin’s timely hit, Ko Jong-wook’s sacrifice play, and Kim Tae-goon’s timely hit continued, resulting in 6 points. 

The game was overturned 9-4, and KIA eventually won 12-8. Won Tae-in blocked it well with 3 runs until the 5th inning, but gave up 3 runs (2 earned) in the 6th inning and embraced the defeat. Lee Eui-ri, who received hot support from the other line, won 9 wins of the season with 5 innings and 4 runs pitched. He caused the bases to be loaded safely in the 6th inning, but the bullpens blocked it so he didn’t even run an earned run. It was a winning series brought by the track and field team bunt baseball.

Choi Won-Jun and Kim Do-Young’s bunt served as an important trigger to catch the opponent off guard and bring the flow. They are fast hitters who can survive even with a bunt. If you plant this kind of awareness, the opposing infielder will defend even one more step forward. It can also create an advantageous situation for hitting.

Furthermore, following Kim Do-young and Choi Won-joon, the KIA athletics team has recently been on the rise. Based on the latest 10 games up to this day, Choi Won-joon scored 30%, Park Chan-ho 305 06ri, and Kim Do-young showed 30100 07ri. If they even bunt and go on base, they will be very embarrassing hitters to the opponent. It’s like a bell announcing a big inning.  

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