Canceled two days in a row→rotation adjustment→Lee Jeong-yong First… What is the winning rotation for the 1st and 2nd teams after June?

 As the LG Twins’ SSG Landers game on the 22nd and 23rd was canceled due to rain, the starting rotation for the six-game series against the KT Wiz and Doosan Bears was changed next week.

On the 22nd, the game was prepared normally, but heavy rain suddenly poured down 6 minutes before the start of the game, so the decision to cancel was made at 6:20 pm.

Originally, Adam Plutko and Lee Jeong-yong were scheduled to start for two days, but both were pushed back to next week.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “Plutko Lim Chan-gyu and Lee Jung-yong will play against KT, and Kelly and Lee Ji-gang will prepare for the weekend Doosan match with Plutko.”

If the game on the 23rd had been played normally, the rotation would be Plutko – Lim Chan-gyu – Lee Ji-gang – Kelly – Lee Jeong-yong – Plutko.

It’s a very important week for LG. This is because KT and Doosan are teams that are showing a very good flow. If you look at the results after June, KT is in first place. 22 wins and 13 losses, the winning rate is 602.9 li. In second place is Doosan, which is on a 10-game winning streak, with a record of 20 wins and 14 losses, and a winning rate of 5.8%. LG is in 3rd place behind them, recording 18 wins, 1 draw and 14 losses.

Doosan went on a 10-game winning streak and rose to third place at once. The ride with LG is a 5.5 game car. The starting lineup was stabilized thanks to the returning Brandon Waddell effect, and the sluggish foreign hitter Jose Rojas and FA compensation player Park Joon-young solidified the team’s batting line with good performances.메이저놀이터

KT is also in 6th place with 38 wins, 2 draws and 42 losses. With the starting lineup in such a good state, the batting line has also become quite solid with an almost complete lineup. It is a situation where the advantages of being considered as candidates for the championship before the season are appearing.

So, for LG, it is not difficult to secure first place if you hold on in this six-game series and have a win rate of 50% or more. When Lee Jung-yong and Lee Ji-gang pitch, it could be a ‘bullpen day’, so Plutko and Lim Chan-gyu Kelly should win as many innings as possible.

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