Caster disciplined for mentioning unfavorable grades…Baltimore’s embarrassing action

The Baltimore Orioles, which are running for first place in the American League East Division, are frowning upon their absurd measures.

Local media such as ‘The Athletic’ quoted a source on the 8th (Korean time) and reported that Orioles caster Kevin Brown was suspended from broadcasting by the club. Brown will be off the Orioles coverage for two weeks.

On July 23, local time, what he said ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays and away game became a problem.

He said on the air ahead of the broadcast that day, “The Orioles have won 3 of the last 5 games at Tropicana Field. Between 2020 and 2022, we won 3 out of 21 matches.”

It was a perfectly normal thing to mention that the team had been sluggish on the road to Tampa Bay. The Athletic introduced that this was also mentioned in the game notes prepared by the Orioles public relations team.

However, the owner of the Orioles felt uncomfortable that the club’s dedicated caster pointed out this point, and punished him.

The industry was excited about measures that were far from common sense. The relay team of other clubs all criticized the club’s actions by mentioning this during the broadcast.

New York Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen mentioned this award during a game broadcast on the 8th and commented, “The Orioles club has lowered their level by treating a young caster named Kevin Brown with humiliation.”

Then, citing an example in which the Orioles club did not renew the contract of caster John Miller in 1996 because of negative comments about the team, “You are repeating the same thing. If you don’t want him, the other 29 clubs will want him.”

Kevin Youkilis, who is in charge of broadcasting for ‘NESN’, the Boston Red Sox relay broadcasting company, said during the broadcast, “It’s funny. He just told the facts,” he criticized the Orioles club. Caster Dave O’Brien, who was in charge of relaying together, also agreed, saying, “It’s a perfect joke.”

“Sometimes a fact is a fact and we have to sit here and talk about it, whether it’s pretty or not,” said Wayne Randazo, a dedicated caster for the Los Angeles Angels.메이저놀이터

New York Yankees dedicated caster John Sterling said, “I’ve been on the air for 63 years and I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in this industry, but this case is the craziest.”

“That team is 6-7 against the Orioles this year,” Chicago White Sox caster Jason Venetti said of the New York Yankees. That means losing seven times. But at the same time won six times. I just hope the Orioles team doesn’t discipline me for saying this.”

This incident clearly shows how rigid the Orioles club is internally. The Athletic, citing multiple sources, said that the owner’s group ordered the club’s dedicated casters to wear only club costumes during the broadcast. It is known that the reason Brown, who was disciplined, was put into radio broadcasting was because another caster was in an embarrassing situation. The Orioles team also reportedly reprimanded the casters for making comments about former players who no longer have a relationship with the team.

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