‘Challenging to win a total of three times’ Ulsan announces starting list for Pathum match… Martin Adam ‘strikes as one of the top players’

Ulsan Hyundai is taking the first step toward winning the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) stage for the third time in total. 

Ulsan announced the starting list ahead of the match against Pathum in the first leg of the 2023/24 season ACL group stage held at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan at 7 p.m. on the 19th. 

The biggest change in this year’s ACL is that it will be held as a spring festival starting in the fall and continuing until the spring of the following year. In addition, the foreign player quota was expanded from 3+1 to 5+1, and last year, the group stage was held in a neutral area due to COVID-19, but this year it will be played again in a home and away format.

Ulsan, who won the K-League 1 title last season, is attempting to win the ACL for the third time this season and is scheduled to face Pathum, Jorochvaru, and Kawasaki Frontale in the group stage. 

Although Ulsan is currently at the top of K-League 1, the team atmosphere is not good. With 2 draws and 1 loss in the previous 3 league games, the gap with 2nd place Pohang has narrowed to 6 points. Therefore, it appears that both the ACL and the league should attempt to turn the atmosphere around through a win against Pathum. 온라인카지노

Ulsan uses a 4-2-3-1 tactic. Goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo, Kim Tae-hwan, Jeong Seung-hyun, Kim Young-kwon, and Lee Myung-jae make up the back four. Lee Gyu-sung and Lee Dong-kyung are in the third line, and Lee Chung-yong, Boyanic, and Bako are in the second line, supporting Martin Adam, the top player at the front line. 

Ulsan has a record of facing Pathum in the ACL group stage in the past. The two teams, who were tied in the same group in 2021, showed a clear difference in power with Ulsan winning 2-0 in both home and away games. 

With the start of Ulsan’s third challenge for the ACL, attention is being paid to whether they will be able to overturn the sluggish atmosphere in the league and play a game that will satisfy fans.

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