“Did you see me!”…Why was the baseball fanatic captain who gave up the holidays so thrilled?

“I think the ceremony was held with the feeling of ‘Did you see me!'”

NC Dinos captain Son Ah-seop (35) played an active part in the match against the Lotte Giants held at NC Park in Changwon on the 12th, leading the team to a great victory with 3 hits and 4 RBIs. In particular, in the 6th inning, when he was leading 2-1 on thin ice, he hit a superior three-run home run against Lotte Kim Jin-wook at the end of a full count match, bringing the victory to a complete victory.

NC fans who visited Changwon NC Park were enthusiastic, and Lotte fans were devastated. At the moment of the home run that was more thrilling than ever, Son Ah-seop held a ceremony toward the dugout and the fans. It was an exciting and thrilling moment. 

Looking back at the moment of the home run, Son Ah-seop said, “I hit a double hit in the previous at-bat, and the opportunities to come to our team continued to be unresolved. As a senior, I wanted to solve it.” Although it is an aggressive hitter, the idea was to narrow the strike zone so as not to miss a single miss, and I narrowed the zone and was aiming for the missed throw, the situation I had drawn, but the ball I thought came and a good result came.”메이저놀이터

The ‘Nakdong River Derby’ rivalry always attracts a lot of spectators. On this day, 13,074 spectators also visited. The average number of spectators at home is 7,280, but this is the result of many nearby Lotte fans. For Son Ah-seop, who was a Lotte one-club man for 15 years, adrenaline rises even more in this rivalry. He said, “When we play against Lotte, the most people come in. More than on weekends. First of all, the shout itself gives a very good energy to the players. It is a good feeling that a little more adrenaline is secreted.” There are a lot of friendly players and a lot of spectators, so it’s fun and focused.”

And about the ceremony and action that came out after the home run that day, he explained that it came out naturally at the moment when his worries were resolved. Although he is a veteran and captain in his mid-30s, Son Ah-seop gave up until the holidays and was immersed in baseball. Recently, due to Park Kun-woo’s departure and Park Min-woo’s injury, he tried to resolve his concerns through baseball as the team as well as other players were on the decline.

Son A-seop said, “Last week, I felt very bad at hitting. So I came out to train on Monday (10th), a day off. At that time, Park Dae-on helped me with training. There were things I talked about and corrected those parts. So when the results came out, I held a ceremony to Park Dae-on with a feeling of ‘Did you see me!

Even in the process of recent losing streak, NC is somehow doing 50%. With the victory on this day, he returned to the 50% win rate and regained a tie for 4th place. However, as captain, he emphasized his confidence and confidence in his team. He said, “Of course, it can be bad right now. But our team is the lowest average age in the KBO league right now. There are many players without full-time experience, so we talk a lot about that.” Enemyally, I think that the members are good and it is a formidable team. 

Now, in the last game of the first half of the regular season against Lotte on the 13th, NC is going to add +1 to the 50% win rate and play the first half finale. Starting pitcher Taylor Widener. Will NC be able to achieve everyone’s wishes and finish the first half safely? 

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