‘Director breaks away from new main battery’ Woori Card sinks 2nd place after 1st place?

On the 19th, the 4th game of the season between Woori Card and Hyundai Capital in the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ was held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. Before the game, Woori Card’s head coach Kim Jae-heon said in an interview with reporters, “There was an additional corona19 confirmed case.”

Woori Card was unable to direct the match against Korean Air on the 14th as coach Shin Young-chul was confirmed. Coach Kim said, “Outside hitters Kim Ji-han and Kim Dong-min have been confirmed,” and “(already confirmed) Lee Sang-hyun and Han Tae-joon are unable to participate.”

Kim Ji-han contributed to the sinking of Korean Air. He scored 12 points and formed an offensive triangle with Agamez (25 points) and Na Gyeong-bok (23 points).

Coach Kim said, “There were difficulties in training,” and “I told the players that they had to do their best in the current situation,” conveying the team atmosphere. He continued, “Song Hee-chae is entering instead of Kim Ji-han, but I think he will do well because he is originally in his position,” and laughed, saying, “There is no player to replace anymore.”

Corona 19 has a variable, but the team atmosphere is good. Regarding catching Korean Air in first place, coach Kim said, “The coach said over the phone, ‘You did really well. Give a lot of compliments to the players.’ 스포츠토토

Coach Kim hinted, “Although we were in the midst of two consecutive losses, good teamwork was created. “

Hyundai Capital was also vigilant against this Woori Card. An official from the club said, “Kim Ji-han is missing, but Song Hee-chae, the original main player, can enter and become stronger.”

Following the replacement of foreign players this season, Woori Card is struggling with bad news from Corona 19. It remains to be seen whether it will cause a surprise by catching Korean Air in first place followed by Hyundai Capital in second place.

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