Director Yoo Sang-wook of ‘Ryu’ “Live Sanbak’s strength is 4th after Tzendi. I will try to keep it as much as possible”

Director Yoo Sang-wook of ‘Ryu’ talked about Liv Sanbak’s current strength.

On the 8th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ match between Guangdong and Liv Sanbak was completed.

On this day, Liv Sanbak defeated Guangdong and won her 5th win of the season. They reversed a difficult game against Guangdong and proved that ‘the sandstorm is still there’.

Coach Yoo Sang-wook, who achieved 5 wins, said in an interview with Riot winners after the game, “It was the first game after the patch. 안전놀이터

Regarding the loss against Gen.G, he confessed, “I needed feedback from an operational point of view. There was a lack of basis for teamfighting decisions, and it was difficult to cope with the opponent’s play, so I tried to supplement that part.”

Liv Sanbak unfortunately lost the first set in the confrontation with Guangdong. He said, “The call was empty at the time we had the chance to win, but we lost because the flow was cut off.

“I brought out Jace’s top, but Budol was good at it, so I tried to take advantage of that,” he explained of his clear victory in the second set. He then said that Liv Sanbak’s current power is 4th. He emphasized, “I will try to keep this point as much as possible by seeing it as next to Gen.G, T1, and DK.”

In addition, director Yoo said, “With the determination to fight DRX, It’s an opponent I really want to win, but I think we’ll win as long as we don’t make mistakes. We’re doing well right now, and we’ll keep it up.”

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