Doosan’s search for a left-handed pitcher, Takahashi Magic Start “The door to the heart is wide open”

“If the players come to me, I will show them the way through many conversations.”

At the Blacktown International Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia, where Doosan is sweating in preparation for the season, ‘Ilta Instructor’ appeared. Hisanori Takahashi (48), a left-handed pitcher who won 93 victories in Major League Baseball (MLB), including Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Yomiuri and New York Mets, started working as an instructor on the 9th to give advice to pitchers for two weeks. Instructor Takahashi, who arrived in Australia the day before, had a long-awaited meeting and chat with coach Lee Seung-yeop, who was a teammate in Yomiuri.

Instructor Takahashi said, “I have been close with director Lee Seung-yeop since I was in Yomiuri. He was so gentle and a player who made his teammates feel good, so I thought he would be a good leader. I used to get excited when my performance fluctuated, but coach Lee swung the bat silently in any situation and fought with all his might. He wouldn’t have come if anyone else had asked for it,” he said. 슬롯사이트

The mission is to train left-handed pitchers. He said, “I was asked (by Director Lee) to carefully watch Choi Seung-yong and Lee Byung-hun. It’s the first day, so I’m observing the overall movement and understanding the training atmosphere.” In fact, Takahashi’s instructor closely watched the pitchers’ movements as he traveled back and forth between the bullpen and the ground. “First of all, I am focusing on figuring out how to use my body and what strengths a pitcher has. You have to watch it for 2-3 days to know the trend. He laughed, saying, “I don’t know if I’m tired because I wonder what pitchers will throw.”

After recording 79 wins, 73 losses, and an ERA of 3.79 in NBP, he advanced to the MLB and made a splendid debut by winning 10 wins (6 losses, ERA 3.61) with the New York Mets. He cooked hitters with his first pitch rather than speed, saying, “It’s an era where both the US and Japan emphasize speed,” but also said, “I’m a pitcher, so it’s fun to see pitchers who put forward precise control.”

At the appearance of instructor Takahashi, left-handed pitchers made interesting expressions. Choi Seung-yong said, “I heard that he was called the master of the changeup. He expressed his motivation, saying, “I want to learn how to throw a changeup whenever I have a chance and what tips to solve the game.”

Takahashi Instructor, who met the KBO League team for the first time in his life, said, “My role is to observe the strengths of players and find a way to turn them into the best of them.” The goal is to teach psychological tips through conversation,” he explained.

On this day, I carefully observed Dylan Pyle’s pitching in the bullpen and had a brief conversation. Instructor Takahashi said, “Dylan’s control was pretty good. He predicted that there would not be many self-destruction with a walk,” and expected, “There will be variables depending on how to attack the low strike zone and how to mix balls for each batter, but in general, he will throw well.”

Instructor Takahashi lowered his stance, saying, “Since there are three great pitching coaches, I won’t be able to step in and guide the players.” Efficient pitching is a priority. The door of his heart is wide open, and he is waiting for the pitchers to come,” emphasized.

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