Espa to take on ML, play first game at Yankee Stadium

Group ESPAR will throw out the ceremonial first pitch in Major League Baseball.

The New York Yankees announced on their official Instagram on June 6 (local time) that they will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Yankee Stadium, saying, “We look forward to welcoming K-pop sensation group ESPAR on the 8th.”

This will be the first time ESPAR has ever pitched a first pitch. Espar will throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium on April 8.

It’s also notable that the first pitch 메이저놀이터 will be thrown in the US Major League Baseball instead of the Korean Baseball Organization. It shows that ESPN’s global status has increased.

This is the first time a Korean celebrity has thrown out the ceremonial first pitch in a major league since May 2014, when then-Mitsuei member Suzy threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds featuring Ryu Hyun-jin. The offer was reportedly made directly by MLB, the sports brand for which Suzy was modeling.

The ESPA’s chant is also notable for the fact that there are no Korean players on either team and the chant is purely for the fans of the home country.

Espa is scheduled to tour eight cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Brooklyn, starting on August 13.

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