Even the coach admitted to the 0-3 shock defeat “Nothing was wrong. I have nothing to excuse.”

It was a rather shocking result for Korean Air.

KB Insurance failed to win a single set and lost 0-3. Only the second set was deuce and lost 24-26, the first set 18-25 and the third set 19-25. In the situation of an important chase, the sub room came out and did not bring the flow. Opposite spikers Lim Dong-hyuk (7 points) and Lincoln (4 points) were not very good at offense, compared to KB Insurance’s Viyena, who scored 26 points. 스포츠토토

After the game, Korean Air coach Tillikainen admitted the complete loss, saying, “Today’s home team was much better than us. Our performance did not deserve to win. If we play like this, we will have no choice but to lose.”

It was said that they had prepared preparations for Vijena before the game, but the results were not good. Director Tillikainen said, “It’s hard to say I’m sorry because of one thing, and it’s too complex.”

Round 4 ended with 4 wins and 2 losses. He seemed to be a little tired, barely winning after a 5-set battle against Hyundai Capital and KEPCO. Coach Tillikainen said, “Compared to other rounds, we lost one more game,” and “I’m not too worried about the current situation. We have good members and we have a high understanding of volleyball that we need to play.” However, he said, “Since there is no game for 8 days, I plan to take a lot of extra rest. I need to recharge for the remaining 5 and 6 rounds.”

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