Everyone is looking forward to it (I am)” Belho, to the land of decisive battle

 The decisive battle is approaching. Colin Bellho’s spleen and excitement were glimpsed. 

The Korean women’s soccer team,토토사이트 순위 led by coach Bell, will participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which will be held this month. It is a determination to overcome the performance of the last 16 in 2015 and wash away the pain of being eliminated in 2019. 

Korea, ranked 17th in the FIFA rankings, was tied in Group H with Colombia (25th), Morocco (72nd) and Germany (2nd). Belho left the country through Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport at 8:00 pm on the 10th ahead of her first match against Colombia on the 24th. 

Before leaving the country, manager Bell, striker Park Eun-sun, and midfielder Cho So-hyun threw a ballot in front of the reporters, and the departure event was concluded with a group photo shoot with all members. 

Director Bell once again showed off his amazing Korean skills mixed with his unique accent. “We are all looking forward to the World Cup,” Bell said. “I know it will be difficult, but we are all fighting.”

“There are two weeks left until the first game, and we will sharpen the players (to match the game) and refine them tactically. We have prepared well so far. We do not know what the outcome will be because it is a tournament, but the important thing for us is to win. Even if the game is not good, we have to be able to bring victory.” 

Park Eun-seon and Jo So-hyun said in unison, “Seeing the fans and reporters at the airport makes me feel like I’m going to the World Cup. I’ll do my best to achieve the maximum possible performance.” 

It symbolizes Belho, and it is the national team that sweated for 4 years for the World Cup with the ‘high intensity’ that coach Bell likes to use. There are many teams stronger than us in terms of strength, but the soccer ball is round. Belho is dreaming of miracles that exceed expectations in the land of opportunity, Australia-New Zealand. 

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