‘Example of Inning Eater’ QS ‘Extra’ race also attracts attention… Co-Leader Plutco-Ko Young-pyo-Alcantara

Awards are not given at the year-end awards ceremony. However, pitchers do not have such a medal. It is the quality start (QS pitching with less than 3 earned runs in 6 or more starting innings), one of the samples of ‘Inning Eater’. In order to achieve a lot of QS, several conditions are required. It is fundamental to have an excellent pitch, and the number of pitches must be managed efficiently. It is also essential to have stamina to keep pace throughout the season. In that respect, QS is the first goal pitchers set in every start. This is because you can increase your contribution to the team’s victory, and you can personally increase your chances of winning.

Until the first half of the KBO League, three of the starting pitchers who accumulated the most QS were LG Twins Adam Plutko (32), KT Wiz Koh Young-pyo (32), and Doosan Bears Raul Alcantara (31). They recorded 13 QS side by side. Kiwoom Heroes Ariel Hurado (27) and Ahn Woo-jin (24) follow with 12 and 11 respectively. There are 4 people who are tied for 5th place including Ahn Woo-jin.

The first half records of the three pitchers who are tied for first place are interesting. The three faced the same 417 batters. However, there are differences in detailed figures. Ko Young-pyo had the fewest number of pitches. He threw a total of 1408 pitches, ranking first in economic pitching. It’s because of the aggressive fight. Perhaps because of that, Koh Young-pyo has the highest batting average at 0.250. The hit rate is the lowest in Alcantara at 0.210, but the number of pitches is 1662, the highest among the tied for first place. Plutko recorded a batting average of 0.233 and 1604 pitches.

Among them, Alcantara and Koh Young-pyo have already written the ‘most QS of the season’ once each. Alcantara ranked first in this category with 27 QS in the 2020 season. Koh Young-pyo tied for first place in the 2021 season with Doosan Ariel Miranda and KT Audrey Samer Despine with 21 times. Last year, Ahn Woo-jin beat competitors with 24 times and marked the most QS.메이저놀이터

Most of the pitchers who are in the top ranks in the QS division are in charge of the central axis in each team’s starting rotation. He is expected to start in the first or second game of the second half starting on the 21st. Their fierce race to achieve the most QS also resumes. Attention is focusing on whether new faces will appear this season, or whether pitchers who have already won first place in the QS category more than once will rise to the top once again.

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