FA Cup semi-final schedule unable to reach an agreement… August or September

The schedule for the semi-finals of the ‘2023 Hana One Q FA Cup’ is still unclear. The Korea Football Association is coordinating the schedule with Jeonbuk Hyundai, Incheon United, Jeju United, and Pohang Steelers, who are the parties to the tour, but have yet to narrow their differences.

On the 15th, the association held a video conference with high-ranking officials from Jeonbuk, Incheon, Jeju, and Pohang clubs on the afternoon of the 14th to confirm the FA Cup semi-final schedule as soon as possible. The last week of August and the A-match break in September were discussed,” he said.

The two semifinal matches between Jeonbuk-Incheon and Jeju-Pohang, which were originally scheduled to be held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium and Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th, have all been postponed. The Jeonbuk-Incheon match was postponed in the aftermath of the K-pop concert, the retirement ceremony of the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree. The Jeju-Pohang match was also postponed an hour before the start of the game due to Jeju Island’s request to cancel the match due to concerns about safety issues caused by Typhoon Kanun heading north.

According to each club, Incheon, Pohang, and Jeju insisted on using the September A-match break at the meeting on the 14th, while Jeonbuk hoped to hold the event in the last week of August. If held in September, it is likely to be the 9th or 10th, and if held in August, it is likely to be the 30th or 31st.

Incheon, Pohang, and Jeju put forward a tight schedule at the end of August as reasons for wishing to host the event in September. In particular, Incheon has to go through the first Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) playoff (PO) on the 22nd. It is known that if the FA Cup semi-final is held in the last week of August, five matches should be played every three days, so it is known that they actively insisted on holding it in September. Unlike them, Jeonbuk has many players who will be selected for the September A match and the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. Baek Seung-ho, Park Jin-seop, Park Jae-yong, Song Min-gyu, and Kim Jung-hoon have been named to the Asian Games national team. There are not a few players who are highly likely to be selected for the A national team, including Kim Jin-soo. Since power leakage is unavoidable, Jeonbuk hopes to hold the event at the end of August.먹튀검증

A team official said in a phone call with Sports Donga on the 15th, “At this meeting, there was talk that the FA Cup semi-final schedule would be decided on the 16th at the earliest. However, a reunion next week is likely. The key is likely to be the Jeonbuk-Incheon match,” he hinted.

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