“FA, there was no fear” Lee Myung-gi and Kwon Hee-dong prove the reason for giving up, but ‘national level rebellion’

NC gave up when Lee Myung-gi, a veteran outfielder who boasted a career batting average of 30% after winning twice in the Korean Series, and Hee-dong Kwon, who played a great role as a starter and backup for several years, entered the free agency market. Recently, Lee Myung-gi was handed over to Hanwha through a signing & trade, and the contract with Kwon Hee-dong is still lukewarm.

The fact that NC gave up two proven veteran outfielders basically means that they believe in two national-level hitters, Son Ah-seop and Park Gun-woo, but the long-term effort also includes the purpose of using young outfielders to prepare for rebuilding. The names that come out a lot this winter are Kim Seong-wook, who returned from military service, and Lee.

This is Han Seok-hyun (29), a left-handed outfielder who obtained the qualification as a futures FA from LG. After joining in the 2nd 5th round in 2014 with the 48th rank, he could not survive the tight outfield competition unique to LG. However, NC decided to bet on the possibility of Han Seok-hyun. 29 years old, not too old, but not too old to afford. NC has the intention to judge the possibility of Han Seok-hyun within 1-2 years.

On the 17th (Korean time), Han Seok-hyun started as the first left fielder in a practice game against the national team held at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in the Kino Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He showed a good sense of hitting with 2 hits and 1 RBI in 5 at-bats. He made hits by attacking KBO League representative left-hander Kim Gwang-hyun and right-hander Won Tae-in.

It should be taken into account that the pitchers of the national team are not yet in perfect condition. Even if the WBC official ball, which is more slippery than the KBO league, has been adapted, the actual game is different. There are cases where the control of the changing ball is good for each type of pitch, and there are cases where it is not. The use of the slider-type changing ball seems a bit tricky.

Even so, it seems clear that Han Seok-hyun has been well prepared to show a good blow from the end of February. Manager Kang In-kwon intends to give Han Seok-hyun and Kim Seong-wook a chance, while using Park Kun-woo, Son Ah-seop, and new foreign hitter Jason Martin as the main players in the outfield. Han Seok-Hyun is expected to be more useful against right-handed pitchers.

Even the opponent was the national team. It was only one game, but for Han Seok-hyun, it was a day that changed his mood. In addition, NC is poised to prove why it gave up Lee Myung-gi and Kwon Hee-dong last winter. In a recent interview with Spring Camp magazine, Han Seok-hyun said, “There was no fear of applying for the Futures FA. It was my decision, it was my choice,” he said. The determination to show something is great. 메이저사이트

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