Fighter Choi Doo-ho + Coach Jeong Chan-seong… The UFC’s strongest combination that didn’t exist in the world

The strongest special combination in history was formed. Just like Son Goku and Vegeta, ‘Korean Superboy’ and ‘Korean Zombie’ became a team.

On the 5th of next month (Korean time), at UFC Fight Night 218 held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, USA, fighter Doo-ho Choi (31, Team Mad) fights in the octagon and coach Chan-seong Jeong (35, Korean Zombie MMA) directs from the octagon side. is directed

The two UFC featherweight fighters bet everything on a match against Kyle Nelson (31, Canada). This is because it is a return game after 3 years and 2 months with Choi Doo-ho, and it is a brinkmanship game in which they have to break a 3-game losing streak.

Dooho Choi stayed in Seoul for three months and conducted a training camp at Korean Zombie MMA, and Chansung Jung helped Dooho Choi to sharpen his blade. In particular, it was a training program that strengthened his stamina, and Choi Doo-ho was whipped to maintain his explosive power in the second half.

Chansung Jung introduced in detail what he focused on during this training camp on his YouTube channel ‘Chansung Jung Korean Zombie’.

He said that he first focused on making up for Choi Doo-ho’s weakness, the lack of a back heart. He analyzed, “If you look at Duho’s fights so far, he didn’t do well in the second half of the fight. In the UFC, he lost his fights with Cub Swanson, Jeremy Stevens, and Charles Jourdain in the second round.”

“I’m a style where the game goes well over time. I think it’s great when these points (my strengths and Choi Doo-ho’s strengths) are mixed.”

Choi Doo-ho also expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I am in the best physical condition during my 15 years as a martial arts player.” “It’s not like I’m doing weight training, but when I look at my body right now, I’m surprised. I feel it,” he laughed. 먹튀검증

He said he was ready for a 15-minute fight in the third round. “In the past, I was good at saying things like ‘I will knock you out in the first round.’ But this time, I want to go to the third round.

The combination of player Choi Doo-ho and coach Jung Chan-seong is a ‘project group’. Choi Doo-ho, who belongs to Team Mad, decided to be with Jung Chan-sung specially this time.

Chansung Jeong said, “I called coach Seonghun Yang, and he readily agreed to become Dooho Choi’s second.” Dooho Choi explained, “The coach suggested, ‘I worked hard at Chansung’s family this time, so how about going with Chansung?'” .

Doo-ho Choi is caught on the same screen as Chan-sung Jung. He smiled, saying, “We appear in one picture… I didn’t know it would be like this after knowing my brother for 10 years.”

Several Korean fighters are scheduled to participate in UFC Fight Night 218, where Choi Doo-ho will fight alongside Jung Chan-sung. Daun Jung will fight Devin Clark at light heavyweight, Junyong Park will fight Dennis Tulullin at middleweight, and Jiyeon Kim will fight Mandy Boehm at women’s flyweight division.

The ROAD TO UFC final will also be held. In the featherweight division, Lee Jung-young will face Lee Li of China over a UFC contract. A Korean face-to-face match was concluded in the flyweight division. Choi Seung-guk and Park Hyeon-seong confront each other over a contract.

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