‘First complete game no-hitter in Japan,’ but why was Cy Young pitcher dropped the next day?

Nippon Professional Baseball’s Trevor Bauer (Yokohama) was removed from the first team roster the next day after throwing a complete game shutout.

Bauer started the game against Nihon Ham at Yokohama Stadium in Japan on April 14 and threw 113 pitches over nine innings, allowing three hits, 12 walks, and one run. Yokohama won 2-1.

Yokohama removed Bauer from the first team roster before the game on the 15th. It wasn’t an injury issue. It was more a matter of league schedule.

Japanese outlet Sportichi Annex reported, “Bauer has been removed from the first team roster. After the exchange game ends on the 18th,스포츠토토 there will be a four-day break. He will not have a chance to pitch for a while, so it seems that he was delisted. Even so, he can re-register as early as the 25th. After the league resumes, the third and final game of the three-game series against Hanshin will take place. Bauer will get the start against Hanshin, who is battling for first place.”

Bauer, the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner, signed a three-year, $120 million free agent contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers ahead of the 2021 season, but was placed on the restricted list in July 2021 after sexual assault allegations surfaced. His 194-game suspension by Major League Baseball ended last winter, but the Dodgers released him via designation earlier this year.

With his career in the U.S. on the brink of being cut short by major league clubs, Bauer headed to Japan in March, signing with Yokohama for $3 million.

In his debut in Japan, Bauer topped out at 155 mph and earned a one-run win in seven innings. However, he struggled in his next two starts, giving up seven runs in two consecutive games, and was sent down to the second team to make adjustments.

Since returning to the first team, he has pitched consistently. He has allowed two runs or less in four consecutive games. Threw a one-hit shutout against Nihon Ham on April 14, throwing 113 pitches.

In seven games (45 innings), he is 4-2 with a 4.00 ERA and 56 strikeouts. Oketi is a no-hitter. Bauer has allowed a home run in each of his seven starts. He has 11 homers in seven games.

Yokohama, meanwhile, will host Chiba Lotte on April 16-18 in the final leg of the exchange. There will be a league-wide rest day from 19-22. Yokohama will host Hanshin for a three-game series starting on the 23rd.

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