From Greece to France…’Bullying controversy’ Lee Da-young changed her uniform three times in two years

South Korean setter Lee Da-young, 27, who has been playing overseas after being banned from the domestic scene for bullying, has found a new home.

French club Voléo de Canet announced 토토사이트 on Tuesday (July 10) that it had signed a new setter, saying, “Korean setter Lee Da-young will help the team with her experience.”

Formerly with Heungkuk Life, twin sisters Lee Jae-young (27, outside hitter, unattached) and Lee Da-young sent shockwaves through the sporting world and beyond in 2021 when they were accused of bullying.

In February of that year, the situation spiraled out of control when victims came forward through online communities to reveal the bullying of Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young.

In June of the same year, the sisters responded to the controversy on national television with statements such as “I only held a knife and cursed, not swung it,” and “the club forced me to apologize,” and then transferred to the Greek league as public outcry mounted. The Korean Volleyball Association suspended the sisters indefinitely from the national team. The controversy continued after it was revealed that the sisters had sued victims of bullying for spreading falsehoods.

Lee Jae-young returned home midway through the season due to injury, while Lee Da-young spent the 21-22 season in Greece before joining Romanian club Rapid Bucharest. However, she struggled with a hamstring injury at her new club.

Lee is expected to move to the French league next season, where she will compete with Victoria Kovsar ’04 (183 cm, Russia) for a starting spot.

Meanwhile, Bolero de Carne won back-to-back French A-League titles in the 21-22 and 22-23 seasons.

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