Giving up baseball, overcoming the shock of school closure, and nominated Hanwha… The youngest of the three Cheon brothers, “Dream to be the best left-handed pitcher”

Hanwha rookie left-handed pitcher Cheon Bo-ung (23) is a player with many stories. The process to become a pro was tougher than anyone else.

Cheon Bo-ung, who was the main pitcher at Jemulpo High School, was not nominated as a pro due to poor performance in his junior year. He applied to Australia’s Geelong Korea, which was founded around that time, but he left the ground for a while as he did not make it to the final entry. While living as an ordinary person, his passion for baseball was revived, and in 2020 he started playing baseball again with the independent team Incheon Waves.

Afterwards, he entered Yeongdong University in Gangneung and moved to Hallyeo University in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do, following his eldest brother Cheon Sang-woong’s Jeju high school teacher Nak-soo Seong, who played baseball. However, Hallyo University was suddenly closed and the baseball club disappeared. Baseball started again with difficulty, but the team was disbanded after a year.

But there was no giving up. Cheon Bo-ung, who transferred to Gumi University again following coach Seong, played an active role as an ace while also working as a pitcher, and was nominated by Hanwha in the 91st overall in the 10th round of 2023. He became the No. 1 professional player of Gumi University, which was founded in 2021.

Cheon Bo-ung said, “When Hallyo University was closed, I didn’t think about anything. It’s a style that adapts the same wherever you go. It was cumbersome to keep moving from university, but I had a lot of experience.” As his stamina declined, his grades plummeted, but on the contrary, it helped his mentality. He seems to be able to throw my ball without being shaken in any situation,” he looked back on his college days, which had many twists and turns.

Cheon Bo-ung was the fastest pitcher on the college stage with a maximum distance of 146 km last year. He feels more demanding with his 185 cm tall overhand and good ball rotation. Cheon Bo-ung, who is skinny for his height, said, “I was originally about 66 to 68 kg, but after coming to Hanwha, I gained about 5 kg. He is now between 72 and 73 kg. I think he will gain more strength.” Now that he’s a pro, he’s trying to prepare himself to throw a breaking ball as well,” he said.

Cheon Bo-ung has two older brothers who were baseball players. His eldest brother, Cheon Sang-woong, and his second brother, Cheon Young-woong, both received rookie nominations from Doosan and played professional lives. Cheon Sang-woong played for Doosan as an infielder from 2011 to 2013 and Cheon Young-woong as a pitcher from 2013 to 2014, but retired early due to an injury.

Cheon Bo-ung, the youngest of his three brothers, also took up baseball after being influenced by his older brothers. “When he was young, he was cast as a child actor. He took all the camera tests, but he really wanted to play baseball along with his brothers. He made a fuss about baseball,” Cheon Bo-ung, who recalled his 3rd grade in elementary school, said, “After being nominated, his older brothers also liked it. He was grateful that he received a lot of help and advice from his older brothers while playing baseball.”

Cheon Bo-ung, who picked left-hander Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto) and right-hander Jacob deGrom (Texas) as his favorite pitchers, said, “I want to be the best pitcher among left-handers in the KBO League.” I will do my best, 스포츠토토

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