Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

We are the first to offer a portable toilet and dumpster combo rental. Our efficient, convenient roll-off box and portable toilet combination holds a U.S. Patented design and ensures you are getting the best bang for your buck. Most 메이저놀이터 can support weights between 250 and 440 pounds. The most basic bucket toilet is a canister fitted with a toilet seat and lid that you line with a plastic bag and empty when necessary . We identified the majority of the portable toilets available to purchase.

Unless you remove the waste after every use, there’s just no way to avoid some stinkiness. If you’re OK dumping the waste tank in the public toilet or dump station, then a porta potty toilet with a removable holding tank and easy pour spout will work. This is a nice portable camping toilet option for backpackers and hikers who want a more comfortable way to go in the woods, especially when you have to pack out your waste. However, if you’re looking for a portable toilet for camping that you only have to empty every few days, this is not for you.

Two features that set it apart are the one-touch flush button and the level indicator. Plus, the inner bag has some bio gel to cut down on smells and solidify the waste. One of these camping porta potties is a good choice if you’ll be using and storing it in a camper van, RV, or travel trailer.

All of New York’s construction workers and contractors know that CALLAHEAD portable toilets are by far the best porta potties for their temporary portable toilet needs. CALLAHEAD portable toilets are the most rented porta potties in all of New York for many reasons. Basically, the pump flush action rinses the bowl from three different directions to help it stay cleaner. And the easy dumping elbow helps you pour out the waste without any spillage. If you’re in a crowded area like a multi-day outdoor festival, or the pit toilets at the rustic campground are a little too rustic, this system is a nice option. Even if you don’t need to use the portable toilet, you can still use the tent for some privacy while changing or showering.

No other company comes close to CALLAHEAD’s equipment and the hospital grade cleaning service we provide. Our portable toilet facilities are modern, clean, sanitized, stocked, and ready for delivery. We rent multiple types of portable restrooms for all types of events.

It’s one of the most compact portable toilet options, yet is still surprisingly sturdy once set up. Use it just like any other bucket-style portable camping toilet. It’s similar to the previous camping porta potty in that it has a removable waste bucket and two-part toilet seat and lid. The waste bucket is a little larger than the Stansport, but still don’t expect to go several days without having to empty it. A portable toilet is not connected to a hole in the ground , nor to a septic tank, nor is it plumbed into a municipal system leading to a sewage treatment plant. You’ll want to make sure your guests have a restroom, but it shouldn’t need to accommodate as many people.

You also don’t need to worry as much about the quality of the facility for a short event. CALLAHEAD has the most trucks on the road, the most equipment in our yards and more employees to take care of you than any other portable sanitation company in New York. If you’d prefer a portable camping toilet that’s more than just a bucket and a bag, the Thetford Porta Potti Curve should be your top choice. It’s the Luggable Loo’s pretty and sophisticated cousin with its sleek design and practical features. But when it comes to portable toilets for camping, there are TONS of options. Dry toilets, bucket toilets, self-contained porta-potties, composting toilets, and the list goes on.

The idea of portable composting toilets is great — separate liquids and solids, create fertilizer for mother nature, cut down on plastic and chemical usage, only empty the solids every few weeks, etc. And when composting toilets work like they’re supposed to, they’re a more convenient and environmentally friendly portable toilet option. Do your business, press the flush button, and it will seal the waste in a 5-layer polyethylene bag. The self-contained bags contain a special coagulation powder that solidifies and decontaminates the waste so it’s safe and easy to dispose of. Finally, a portable bucket toilet with a normal-sized toilet seat.

The CALLAHEAD PORTABLE WATER AND SEWER SYSTEM can move to any location the trailer needs to be, yet you feel as though you are using a bathroom in your home. CALLAHEAD has been the leader in developing new and revolutionary equipment for the portable sanitation industry for over three decades. Many of our restroom trailers have separate men and women bathroom facilities.

Needs for any specific event, from outdoor festivals and concerts to weddings. The cover protects the seat when stored, removes from the unit, and can be used as a stabilizer on soft ground by placing the cover under one or two of the legs. We have an accounting department, mechanics, plumbers, website manager and additional office staff that help make CALLAHEAD a great New York corporation with job stability. At CALLAHEAD we’ve learned that the best way to create consistency is to have a backup system for all of our systems. This is an extremely difficult task, however to be a great company, it must be done. All of CALLAHEAD’s trucks are kept in pristine condition and are always purchased brand new.

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