‘Highest award? The pitcher who slaps the other team’s coach’ and the friendship that goes hand in hand, even if the uniforms are different.

“Hey, I’m the coach! I told you not to hit me in the head!” There is a big pitcher who can slap the cheek of the opposing team’s coach.

On the 22nd, the final 꽁머니사이트 game of the three-game midweek series between Hanwha and KIA was held at the Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon.

Before the game, KIA pitcher Yang Hyun-jong showed off his friendship with Hanwha coach Kim Nam-hyung and shared a kiss.

Hanwha coach Kim Nam-hyung and KIA pitcher Yang Hyun-jong are friends who were born in 1988. Years later, they are now coaches and players, but their friendship hasn’t changed.

Kim Nam-hyung and Yang Hyun-jong were part of the winning team that won the 2006 World Youth Baseball Championship. While Yang is still active as a pitcher representing South Korea, Kim retired after the 2014 season and is now pursuing a coaching career.

Coach and player. Despite their different statuses, the two friends of the same age forgot about their differences and shared a casual friendship.

There were slaps and uppercuts, but also backhugs 토토 가입머니 and strokes on each other’s faces, confirming their unwavering friendship.

Yang Hyun-jong and coach Kim Nam-hyung, who met as children, are now in their mid-30s.

Their friendship seems to have remained unchanged even as the mountain has changed.

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