If I can’t do it, how can I give them a chance?”… It is equally difficult to ‘nurture’ both top and bottom teams

You have to find your own position.”

Every team has a starting player. However, baseball is not something that can be played with just the starting pitcher. Furthermore, everyone gets older. In the next Sede, ‘nurturing’ is essential. This isn’t easy either. This is not something that can be achieved simply by gaining experience.

Modern baseball places more emphasis on ‘prospects’ than ever before. It’s no different in the KBO league. Every team cherishes ‘young players’. This is also the reason why a lot of effort is put into drafting new players.

However, ‘raising’ them is another matter. We are not giving experience points simply because they are young. They calculate that they will do well and give them a chance. It also cannot be given indefinitely. In the end, only if a player does well will he or she have opportunities and positions.

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho said, “In fact, it is difficult to give low-ranking teams a chance. It is not okay to push certain players. In the end, if you do well, you will get out. There is nothing else than that. “How do you use a batter who keeps hitting no hits in 4 at-bats, and how do you use a pitcher who keeps throwing blows?”

He continued, “If we take LG as an example, wouldn’t putting Jaewon Lee in the lower lineup make a big difference? There is no problem because the batting lineup is so good. We are different. This is something that cannot be helped. It’s not something we raise. They are growing up. I use it when I am doing well. “If it goes down, we subtract it again,” he emphasized.

In general, lower ranked teams ultimately have weaker power compared to higher ranked teams. There are many cases where we are pushed back from the beginning. Backup is more. In this situation, we cannot give young players a chance to ‘dry out’. We need to use good players. This is a natural part of being a professional.

Director Choi Won-ho also talked about Moon Dong-ju. “He wasn’t very good in May (ERA 8.22). Instead, there is something he showed in April (average ERA of 2.38). So I could wait. This would not have been possible if he had performed poorly from the beginning. “In the end, he has to take his own position,” he emphasized.

What about the top teams? This one is not much different. In the case of SSG, there are quite a few problems with the bullpen. Noh Kyung-eun and Ko Hyo-jun are veterans. Another resource is needed. It’s not that there are no pitchers, but there aren’t any resources that jump out. First of all, rookie Lee Ro-woon is the next sure-to-win candidate.

Coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Lee Ro-woon must continue to gain a lot of experience in the first team, even next year.” He added, “He can’t just give anyone experience. Lee Roun has qualities. He also shows potential. He explained, “The coaching staff must be patient and hire him.”

Also, “Except for Lee Ro-woon, we currently have no pitchers to use in tough situations. Lee Roun needs to develop further. “The same goes for other pitchers,” he added.

In fact, the fielder’s side is also not easy. Veterans make up the main team. We need young blood. In the case of first base, it was said that Jeon Eui-san, who showed impressive batting last year, would become the starting pitcher this season.온라인카지노

But things didn’t go as planned. With a batting average of .200, there are less than 5 home runs. It is so difficult to become a ‘starter’. It takes several years.

The head coaches of 10 clubs say the same thing. They say, “There are no players.” That’s how difficult it is to develop players. Entries for both the 1st team and Futures are set. It is difficult to choose the right stone when there are hundreds of people. We must achieve the best results within limited resources.

So he needs to be raised well. This is not normal. Players must endure hardships, and coaching staff must also exercise patience. It is very difficult to nurture any team for its own reasons.

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