Is the trade successful? Transformation from first baseman substitute resource to ‘strong punch’ hitter… Goes well with SSG

A trade can be a new turning point or catalyst for a player. Kang Jin-seong is also keenly aware of the effect.

Kang Jin-seong moved from Doosan Bears to SSG Landers through a trade at the end of May. He debuted as a pro at NC Dinos and played his first full-time run in the 2020 season, hitting 12 home runs, 70 RBIs, and hitting 30% (0.309), but he was sluggish afterwards and transferred to Doosan as a compensation player for free agent Park Kun-woo.

There was no place for Kang Jin-seong at Doosan. He’s capable of outfield and first base, but he hasn’t had many chances. Last year, his first-team appearances were only 40 games, and as a result, his batting pace was inconsistent.

Kang Jin-seong, who started in the 2nd division this season, briefly rose to the 1st team at the end of April, only played 1 at-bat in 1 game, and went down to the 2nd team again. In the meantime, he prepared a turning point with a trade. SSG had his place. In a situation where there is no fixed starting player at first base, Kang Jin-seong was able to steadily get a chance to play for the first team. Coach Won-hyung Kim, who had been watching since he was a player from another team, gave high marks to his potential, and after joining, he continued to include him in the first team entry and let the game go.

In the beginning, it took time to adapt, but recently Kang Jin-sung’s ‘punch’ is bursting. Kang Jin-seong, who had his first 4-hit game in his professional debut against Doosan on June 22, has been quiet since then, but recently showed a multi-hit show in two consecutive games. In the match against Kiwoom Heroes on the 1st, he scored 2 hits, including a double, and on the 2nd, he scored 2 hits, including a triple. In particular, in the game on the 2nd, he led the team to victory by knocking out 2 RBIs, 3 bases and a wedge in the top of the 9th in a tight match. In the meantime, the batting average for the season is getting closer to 30%.토토사이트

Kang Jin-seong, who is capable of multi-position, shows a clear presence even at bat. He is not yet a main member with a clear fixed position, but he is expanding his role little by little. In particular, SSG is currently in a situation where another first base resource is unable to come out due to an injury. Jeon Eui-san suffered a hamstring injury at the end of June when the batting pace was rising, and is currently out of the roster. Another infield multi agent Kim Seong-hyun is also out with an injury, and without Kang Jin-seong, the infield depth would have been much weaker.

Now, the role the team expects from Kang Jin-sung is ‘consistency’. There are still ups and downs, but the more you narrow the gap little by little, the closer you can get to your final goal of becoming a ‘regular’.

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