‘It was three weeks ago… ‘ The best hit product of this season, returning to the 1st team in 12 days, half of the rehabilitation period

NC Dinos’ best hit product infielder Seo Ho-cheol (27) returned from injury.

Seo Ho-cheol was registered as an entry prior to the 11th game of the season against Doosan held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 18th. He returned in 12 days after missing the last 6 days due to a finger injury. He cut the rehabilitation period, which was scheduled for three weeks, by almost half.

In a home game against the Kiwoom Heroes on the 5th, Seo Ho-cheol injured his left pinky finger while attempting a head-first slide from second base while opposing pitcher Jae-young Jang’s throw to first base fell back after attempting a surprise bunt in the bottom of the third inning.

He was replaced by Do Tae-hun during the defense in the 4th inning and dropped out of the game, and the next day he was expelled from the first team entry.

On the 7th, he was diagnosed with a torn ligament in his left little finger.

Seo Ho-cheol joined the rehabilitation group on the 8th with a plan to receive rehabilitation treatment for 3 weeks. However, in just ten days he made a superhuman recovery. He joined the Futures League from the 16th. He played in 2 Futures League games against SSG and got 2 hits in 3 at-bats including a double on the 17th, and was called up the next day, on the 18th. NC coach Kang In-kwon explained at the briefing that day, “I originally thought it would take about 20 days from 15 days, but he recovered quickly.

On the 15th, infielder Oh Young-soo, who was called up after two and a half months, was canceled. Oh Young-soo picked up two walks in three games after the call-up, but did not record a hit. He went 0-for-6 with a 1.99 batting average for the season and went back down to the Futures League.

Seo Ho-cheol played a big role with a batting average of 0.301, 2 homers, 30 RBIs and 4 steals in 77 games this season with accurate contact skills.메이저놀이터

He is a player who is a great addition to the team in offense and defense, going back and forth between 3rd and 2nd base after Noh Jin-hyeok left, by showing off the potential of the Futures League batting champion this season. With his indomitable will, he shortened his rehabilitation period and minimized his first-team hiatus.

Every thousand troops who will add great strength to NC, which is fighting a fierce battle for the top 5.

Seo Ho-cheol was scheduled to start as a 3rd baseman in No. 5 against Doosan on the day before his comeback, but it was canceled due to rain due to an intensive localized pitching for an hour from 30 minutes before the start of the game, so he had to take another day off.

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