I’ve been calling since hurray”…’Catcher → Outfielder’ A delightful challenge of a 30% hitter in the 2nd group, a myth of a foster player is also prepared

 The change in position was also cheerfully accepted. Seo Dong-wook (23), who is changing positions at the Lotte Giants and challenging the legend of a developed player, is preparing to spread his wings in the first team with a new challenge.

Seo Dong-wook graduated from Hongik University this year and signed a training contract with Lotte and wore a professional uniform. He failed the draft twice, once after graduating from Suncheon Hyocheon High School and again after graduating from Hongik University, but Seo Dong-wook did not get frustrated. 

He said, “I went to college to make up for what I was lacking in high school. Even after graduating from college, I wasn’t drafted as a pro, but as soon as the draft was over, I got a call from Lotte. So I came to Lotte with the mindset that I should work hard.” And in early May, he was immediately converted to a full-time player. He said, “I thought, ‘This is just the beginning,’” and he began his full-time career as a player.

Seo Dong-wook, who has a physique of 175cm and 88kg, was a ‘celestial catcher’ who had been watching catchers since his amateur days. Until mid-August, Seo Dong-wook played as a catcher in the second team and even showed off his batting talent. Then, in mid-August, he began receiving training as an outfielder at the recommendation of the club, and is gaining practical experience by going back and forth between catcher and outfield.

Seo Dong-wook said, “Ever since I started playing baseball in the 4th grade of elementary school, I have only played catcher. I have never played any other position. I feel like I tried everything when I came to the pros.” He added, “I didn’t have much regret about being a catcher. Anyway, the main focus is catcher and the game. It was a brief outfield practice in order to play.메이저놀이터

He remembered accurately, “I started outfield practice on August 15th.” Regarding the reason, he laughed and said, “I sang ‘Hurray’ once during the first practice that day.” He continued, “I was thinking, ‘It’s just practice, so what’s the point?’ He said, ‘They didn’t tell me to do well, so I just gave it a try. It was something to try during practice, so I worked hard even if I made a mistake with that thought in mind. I’m working hard as I’m told,” he said. “I also played the game. “I thought the odds were higher in the outfield. That’s why I think I’m working harder,” he said, cheerfully explaining his first training process as an outfielder.

The club’s ability to practice in the outfield is also aimed at maximizing the frequency of use. Right now, the first team has a solid starting and backup lineup, including Yoo Kang-nam, Son Seong-bin, and Jeong Jeong Geun-geun. It is not easy for Seo Dong-wook to break through this. However, the hitting ability he showed in the second team was not worth rotting away. In 62 games, he has a batting average of .302, 8 ERA (67-for-204), 8 home runs, 44 RBI, 47 runs, and an OPS of .949. 

He was promoted to the first team with the expansion of entry on the 1st and was scheduled to start as the 7th designated hitter upon his call-up, but missed the opportunity due to rain cancellation. Acting manager Lee Jong-woon praised him, saying, “From what I saw while coaching the 2nd team, he is a player with a knack for hitting and quickness for a catcher. He also has good concentration. He was the main hitter of the 2nd team. He is an attractive player.” 

The outfielder training process is also progressing smoothly. As a catcher, he said, “I’m confident in my shoulder,” but he laughed and said, “I even took care of it in the outfield once.”

He has gained a lot of experience in his first year of debut, playing 3 games and 4 at-bats in the first team and participating in the Futures All-Star Game. He said, “I think I had a good experience by participating in the Futures All-Star Game. When I was in the first team, I wanted to show that I am a player with a good bat and that I work hard in outfield defense. And whether it is a bad hit or a broken bat, I quickly get the first hit.” “I want to hit,” he said, showing his motivation.

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