Jeonbuk Gustavo’s ‘Brazil Chance’… Neymar uniform + commemorative photo

“Thank God.”

It was Gustavo (Jeonbuk) who took full advantage of the ‘Brazil chance’ to obtain the ‘actually worn’ uniform of ‘world star’ Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain), which is difficult to obtain.

In Game 3 of the Google Play series between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) held at Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 3rd, Jeonbuk striker Gustavo took to the ground as a substitute member at the start of the second half.먹튀검증

Before the kick-off in the second half, Gustavo showed off his closeness by talking to Neymar, who was on the other side of the center circle, and even hugging each other.

Gustavo, who met Neymar, offered to exchange jerseys after the game, and Neymar, who is two years older than him from Brazil, readily agreed.

In fact, there were many Jeonbuk players who were aiming for Neymar’s uniform (?).

At the pre-press conference held on the 2nd, Jeonbuk captain Hong Jeong-ho hinted, “Moon Seon-min wants Neymar’s uniform. Baek Seung-ho and Song Min-gyu want to change uniforms with Lee Kang-in, and Park Jin-seop wants to change with Marcinus.”

It’s not easy to get a chance to play with Neymar. It is a rare opportunity for domestic club team players to meet Neymar unless they play an A match as a member of the national team.

In this situation, Jeonbuk seized the opportunity to play a friendly against PSG, and the players also aimed to exchange Neymar’s ‘unsuitable uniform’.

But brotherhood moved Neymar’s heart. After the game, Neymar and Gustavo exchanged uniforms in the locker room, and even took pictures holding each other’s uniforms together.

After the game, Gustavo met with reporters and said, “Before the second half, Neymar and I wished each other good luck. We exchanged uniforms and even took pictures. It’s not a common opportunity. Thank God,” he laughed.

‘PSG freshman’ Lee Kang-in’s uniform went back to Hong Jeong-ho and Baek Seung-ho. It is rumored that Song Min-gyu also wanted Lee Kang-in’s uniform, but gave it to Hong Jeong-ho

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