Junior players “Thank you so much” to the tour team that visited Thailand

Six employees of the Bridgestone Golf Tour Team are on a long business trip since the New Year to support Korean professional and junior players who are training in Thailand via Vietnam.

A 40-minute drive to the Bangkok Golf Club, where 50 pros and junior players are sweating through the winter at a training camp such as the Summit Golf Academy from Korea.

The employees of the Bridgestone Golf Tour team rushed to the golf course early in the morning and started their day by distributing golf clubs and golf balls they had brought from Korea to the junior players who were rounding early in the morning.

Since 2019, Bridgestone Golf has been running a support program to support Korean professional and junior players who are training in Thailand and Vietnam.

They visit the site and provide supplies such as clubs and golf balls, and analyze whether they are adapting well to the newly replaced equipment through various measuring devices.

Most of the support programs of club brands are centered on professional players. Its main job is to make clubs for players or supply necessary equipment on time at professional golf tournaments. Junior players do not have many opportunities to receive such support.

Bridgestone Golf’s support program for junior players undergoing field training is an investment for the future and to nurture promising players. 바카라사이트

The program proceeds with a systematic system such as provision of supplies, round observation and club analysis, ball recommendation, changes before and after field training based on previous measurement history, approach test, and precise analysis through Trackman measurement.

For this support program alone, about 10 types of driver heads with different lofts and head designs, about 50 types of shafts, and irons and golf balls have been airlifted from Korea.

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