KB Viyena won the ‘Vijena Derby’ foreigner fight, but the team victory belongs to Korean Air

Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium, where the 2022-2023 V-League 5th round confrontation between Korean Air and KB Insurance for men’s professional volleyball took place. The game on this day attracted attention as Andres Villena, a substitute for KB Insurance, visited Incheon for the first time in 808 days.

Viyena, who joined KB Insurance in the middle of this season, is a player who has already had a taste of the V-League. While playing as a foreign player for Korean Air in the 2019-2020 season, Villena played an all-round performance, including 1st in scoring (786 points), 1st in attack success rate (56.36%), and 2nd in sub (0.56 per set). Encouraged by Villena’s outstanding attack power based on her explosive jump power despite her short stature of 193 cm, Korean Air signed a new contract with Villena for the 2020-2021 season as well. However, Vijena did not show much performance due to the aftermath of a knee injury, and left the V-League after being replaced by Yosbani Hernandez in the middle of the season.

After leaving the V-League, Vijena, who continued to play in her home country’s Spanish league, stepped back into Korea this season as a foreign player replacing Nicola Melignac of KB Insurance. Villena, who had a comeback match at the KEPCO on December 27 last year, showed off her previous outstanding offensive power and made a big success with 33 points and an attack success rate of 61.54%. In the match against Woori Card on the 31st of last month, he scored 46 points with an attack success rate of 63.46%, and on the 9th, in the Korea Electric Power Match, he was responsible for 49.58% of the team’s attacks and poured 49 points with an attack success rate of 71.19%.

KB Insurance, which stayed at 4 wins and 11 losses before Villena came, has achieved a good record of 7 wins and 4 losses since Villena joined, and has risen to a position where it can dream of spring volleyball.

This was the second meeting between Viyena and Korean Air. Viyena, who met Korean Air for the first time on the 24th of last month, played an active role with 26 points and an attack success rate of 58.97%, leading KB Insurance to a 3-0 victory.

Before the game, the atmosphere of the two teams was opposite. Although Korean Air maintains the lead, it has recently been mired in four consecutive losses, and KB Insurance is in sixth place, but has recently been on a three-game winning streak. 먹튀검증

What were the results? Vijena and Lincoln’s foreign fight was won by Vijena. Vijena also scored 29 points, including 2 blocks and 2 sub-aces, with an attack that put momentum ahead. Her attack success rate dropped somewhat to 49.02%. It was an omnidirectional attack that did not cover the front and back, so that only 15 of her 25 attack points were back attacks. Lincoln also scored 23 points, including 3 blocks and 1 sub ace, but the attack success rate was low at 45.24%.

However, the match was Korean Air’s 3-1 victory (25-23 23-25 ​​25-20 26-24). It was a game that showed the concentration displayed in a crisis unique to Korean Air. The first set is the most important for a losing team, and Korean Air, which was dragged until the middle of the first set, scored consecutive goals when Jeong Han-yong served, turning the game around and taking the set.

The highlight was the 4th set with a set score of 2-1. The moment when the atmosphere of the 5th set flowed freely as they trailed 17-21 until the second half of the set. Korean Air’s DNA was activated. With a set score of 22-24, Korean Air neutralized Jung Ji-seok’s time lag and Villena’s attack with effective blocking, then counterattacked with Lincoln’s quick open, leading the game to deuce. The atmosphere has already turned to Korean Air. Villena could not hide her rough feelings. The quick open attack attempted at deuce escaped without a blocking touch, and the attempted attack was blocked by Kim Min-jae, and the match ended.

Korean Air, which escaped from 4 consecutive losses, took a breather by widening the difference with 2nd place Hyundai Capital (52 points, 17 wins and 10 losses) to 7 points with 59 points (20 wins and 8 losses).

After the game, Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen said, “When we lost consecutively, we lost a lot of games because one ball was not decisive. Today, the decision-making ability was somewhat improved, and the counterattack after the defense went well and I was able to win the victory,” he said. I will play,” he said.

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