KBO 645 wins manager free agent largest word… There is no major migration or water change in autumn? Lotte’s next commander ‘Ultimate interest’

Will there be a major transfer of directors or water changes this fall? Anyway, Lotte’s next command tower has emerged as a hot topic of interest.메이저사이트

Lotte ended the era of former manager Larry Sutton on the 28th. Former coach Sutton was unable to lead the Busan KT game on the 27th due to health issues. After the game on the 27th, he contacted the club to announce his resignation, which the club accepted. Nevertheless, gossip about the club taking care of former manager Sutton’s salary for the rest of the season is rampant.

On the other hand, interest in the next Lotte command tower is heating up. First of all, Lotte appointed head coach Lee Jong-woon as acting manager and had him lead the team from the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 29th. After finishing this season as acting head coach Lee Jong-woon, he plans to appoint a new head coach.

Lotte has 36 games left. If acting coach Lee Jong-woon shows impressive results and contents in 36 games, it is expected that he will naturally become one of the candidates for the next coach. Acting Lee Jong-woon has the pain of being hardened after only one season after signing a three-year contract as a manager ahead of the 2015 season. However, Lotte has a history of reappointing them later after breaking up with former coaches Kang Byung-cheol and Yang Sang-moon in the past.

There is no disagreement that this fall’s FA head coach is Kim Tae-hyeong, a commentator at SBS Sports who also won 645 wins in the KBO League. Seon Dong-yeol, former Samsung, KIA, and national team coach, also stands out the most among the big name candidates. In the KBO League, since the mid-2010s, the trend has been to appoint practical-communication coaches, but Lotte has generally appointed people with name values ​​as coaches. There is no law that says there should be no surprise outside recruitment. In particular, in the case of commentator Kim Tae-hyeong, he is greatly supported by fans for his solid performance during his time in Doosan. 

In addition, current Lotte coaches and coaches from Lotte in other clubs are expected to naturally come to the fore. After former head coach Jerry Royster, Seung-ho Yang, Si-jin Kim, Jong-un Lee, Cho Won-woo, Sang-moon Yang, Mun-hoe Heo and Sutton, 7 managers took off their uniforms for 13 years. It is the director’s grave, but there is no baseball player who refuses the grave.

On the other hand, the observation that there will be no major transfer or water change of KBO league managers this fall is gaining strength at this point. Lotte, KT, and Hanwha are the clubs whose contracts with the existing managers expire after this season. However, Hanwha has already parted ways with the previous manager and started anew with manager Choi Won-ho. KT coach Lee Kang-cheol is still in a strong position with a great turnaround in the middle of the season. If it does not collapse easily in the postseason, a renewal is expected.

In addition, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, NC coach Kang In-kwon, Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, Samsung coach Park Jin-man, and Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki spend their first season side by side. Depending on the performance this year, there may be a change in position, but there is little chance of falling off the horse after this season. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk is in the 2nd season out of 3 seasons. It is also unlikely that the contract period will be fulfilled.

In any case, this fall, the KBO league manager market is not expected to change significantly. That’s why Lotte’s new command tower draws more attention.

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