Kim “Clid” Tae-min is sharpening his sword for revenge

Tae-min “Clid” Kim of Hanwha Life Esports, who continued his winning streak, sharpened his sword for revenge.

Hanwha Life Insurance beat Brion 2-1 in the first round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring held at Gran Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 10th. Although he exposed his anxiety by giving up a set, he achieved three consecutive victories while demonstrating his concentration. Kim Tae-min showed his presence in ganking and teamfights, and stood at the forefront of the team’s winning streak.

In an interview after the game, Kim Tae-min said, “It feels good to continue the winning streak, and I hope that this trend will not be interrupted.”

On this day, Hanwha Life Insurance also left regrets, such as losing the second set despite winning. It seemed like they were on the verge of a 2-0 victory with a landslide victory in the first set, but in the second set, which had a similar combination concept, they were completely defeated by the opponent. Regarding the loss in the second set, Kim Tae-min cited a bottom dive failure.

Kim Tae-min said, “I think it was great that the bottom dive communication and the opponent’s counter jungle were connected in the 2nd set.” I think I was punished,” looking back at the situation at the time.

Even if it was not a cool victory, Hanwha Life Insurance, who had been losing streak at the beginning of the season, succeeded in reversing the atmosphere to some extent by continuing the winning streak. Kim Tae-min was eager to take revenge on the teams that gave them defeat in the first round. He said, “I have a strong desire to take revenge on the team that lost,” and raised his voice, saying, “I think we need to win both games remaining in the first round so that we can have an impact on the next game.” 안전놀이터

Lastly, he ended the interview by saying, “I am grateful to the fans who have been steadfast in their support despite losing a losing streak, and also to the secretariat and team members who always support me behind the scenes.”

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