Klinsman’s contract does not specifically state the ‘period of stay in Korea’… ‘Uncontrollable’ state

Director Jurgen Klinsmann’s (58) residency in Korea ultimately depends on ‘personal will’.

Klinsmann, which was launched last February, is shaking. Coach Klinsmann won 2 draws and 2 losses in 4 A matches in March and June after he took office. Klinsman is the first time a foreign manager has gone winless in his first four games. It was expected that he would go through trial and error because it was the beginning of his appointment, but fans’ dissatisfaction and distrust toward coach Klinsman are growing as he failed to win ‘one win’.

Perhaps because of the bad atmosphere, coach Klinsman held an unusual press conference with the coaching staff after the A match in June. Coach Klinsman said, “There was a positive part in the 4 games. Although we did not win, we will develop the team further and achieve good results at the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup, which will be held in January next year.”

In the midst of this, the issue of ‘residence in Korea’ has grown.

Klinsmann stayed with his family in California, USA, not in Germany, when he coached the German national team in the past. It was called ‘work from home’. He created a ‘travelling system’ in which he does not stay in the country where he holds the baton, but lives in the familiar United States and works as a director. At the time, the German media strongly criticized director Klinsmann’s remote command.

Manager Klinsman made his position clear at his inaugural press conference last March. Coach Klinsman said, “I will live in Korea because I am the coach of the Korean national team. I am familiar with the experience of living abroad because I have lived in many countries such as the United States and Italy.” “he said.

Last April, we signed a contract for the house. The Korea Football Association (Football Association) said at the time, “Coach Klinsman has found a house. His wife and daughter will also come in, so we decided that Seoul was better.” Up until this point, it seemed that a full-fledged ‘life in Korea’ had begun.

However, five months later, Klinsman’s actual residence was still the United States.

Coach Klinsman left for the United States in April after finishing the A match in March. He returned to Korea on the 26th of that month after touring overseas and checking players playing in Europe. Head coach Klinsman headed to Qatar for the Asian Cup draw held on May 7, and he went to the United States again, not Korea.

Afterwards, coach Klinsman, who arrived in Korea on June 2 for an A match, spent a vacation in the United States until mid-July after the evaluation match. His departure continued. Coach Klinsman returned to the United States on the 1st with his family.먹튀검증

In the five months since he took over as head coach of the national team, Klinsmann stayed in Korea for only 50 days. Doubts are growing as to the meaning of ‘residence in Korea’, which director Klinsman directly mentioned.

The reason the problem is even more serious is that Klinsman can freely travel to and from the United States in the future. There is no device at all to control. ‘out of control’.

According to an official from the Korea Football Association, it was confirmed that Klinsman’s contract did not specify a ‘specific period’ related to his residence in Korea. Literally, an agreement was reached only on ‘residential’, and the decision on the period was entirely up to Klinsman.

If you repeat the same look now, Director Klinsman’s inauguration press conference resident remarks are not a promise, but a ‘trick’. And the Football Association cannot be free in terms of ‘management’.

What is clear is that the ‘residence’ expected by Korean soccer fans is not a brief stay for an A-match, but a ‘life’ working for Korean soccer here. And now director Klinsman is not living up to expectations. It is not the appearance of the Korean national team coach.

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