Lee Jung-yong, who created the luxury pitcher match, “Every time I met a foreigner, I met a bigger monster… but the team seemed to win”

 A luxury pitching match was created against a super-class ace. Right pitcher Lee Jung-yong (27) of LG played the most intense game after turning to the starting pitcher. He, along with Kiwoom An Woo-jin, did not concede until the 6th inning and made the team a stepping stone to 6 consecutive wins.

Lee Jung-yong threw 70 pitches in the game against Kiwoom in Jamsil on the 2nd and made a big success with 3 hits, 2 strikeouts, 0 walks and no runs in 6 innings. It shook the heads of Kiwoom hitters by increasing the proportion of the forkball, which is being used as the main weapon for the first time this season. The fastball and slider two-pitch pitcher mixed the forkball and curveball and had the advantage in timing.

His strengths, such as pitch and control, also shined. He maintained his fastball position until the 6th inning, the last inning, and did not commit a walk. Except for the 5th inning, he pitched so stably that even runners were not allowed in scoring position. LG won 6-3 as Lee Jeong-yong did not lose in the confrontation with Ahn Woo-jin. 6 wins in a row Lee Jeong-yong achieved the first quality start in his career (more than 6 innings and less than 3 earned runs).

The following is a Q&A between reporters and Lee Jung-yong after the match.

– It was good from the start. I only threw 8 balls in one inning.

In fact, he wasn’t good when he loosened his arms prior to the game. He thought he was going to play a bit of a difficult game, but he seemed to work out as he got through the first inning well. (Park) Dong-won hyung’s lead was also really good.

-There were more forkballs (27) than fastballs (22) today.

In fact, the forkball was not good when I relaxed my arms. In today’s game, I focused on the forkball, but it was good to throw it, and above all, Dongwon-hyung and I had a good time.

– He threw curveballs and sliders consistently. If it’s a pitch like today, wouldn’t it be considered a four-pitch pitcher?

He seems to have thrown like a starting pitcher, though. But he gave up his greed. I decided to go on the mound thinking that I would do all the dirty work and just want the team to win. Even now, my heart has not changed. And so far, I’ve won four of the five games I’ve started. I am climbing the mound with such a positive mind.

– I heard that the curve teacher is Lim Chan-gyu and the forkball teacher is Kim Jin-seong.

I trained during my break. Especially at the end of the break period, I got a feel for the curve while playing catch with Chan-gyu hyung. Thanks to Chan-gyu hyung, he is using his curves well. Jin-sung and his older brother also tell him a lot. They say that forkball cannot be done all at once, but I trained steadily and the results came out well today.

-Choi Won-tae came. As a starting pitcher, you may lose your spot.

He doesn’t really care. Originally, I was a bullpen pitcher. I’m really not greedy this year. I just want the season to end in good health and the team to win. Since I was so bad in the beginning, I think I should give good energy to the team even if it doesn’t work.

– It seems that such positive thoughts come out as a team victory.

It was his fifth start today, and the opposing pitcher was a foreign pitcher in all four previous starts. But today I met a monster worse than a foreigner. Still, I won three out of the previous four, so I thought positively even if I didn’t do well today, the team would win.

– Originally, I had plans to go to Sangmu this year and become a starting pitcher. It seems that the starting pitching for the first team this season will be meaningful.

I think this year has been a good experience in my baseball career. Even if the results are not good, I think it is a season that will be helpful for the future and a season that will help me study.

– Are you sure it’s difficult to select?

It’s difficult. It is difficult to throw short and long throws. He throws a lot of balls, so he needs time to get used to it.

-This is the last season before enlistment. I think the desire to win is also strong.

Then there is nothing better. To be honest, it’s a bit of a bland season for me. It was so bad at first, so I tried to enjoy it now, but again, I couldn’t enjoy it because the results weren’t coming out. Still, I think it’s good to have a good experience and the team should win.메이저사이트

– Did the coach who recommended you to change the starting lineup say anything special today?

I also argued for the selection change. I wanted to repay the director for trusting me. But he had nothing to say because he couldn’t reciprocate. Today the coach said, ‘You did really well. He said, ‘Thank you. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it until now.” The director trusted me, but he must have had a hard time because he couldn’t do it until now.

-The starting match was tight with a score of 0-0 until the 6th inning. Lastly, tell us how you feel about playing such a great game .

I knew I had to keep my poker face with a fresh mind every inning. Whether it’s a good inning or a bad inning, I always thought of it as a new inning and went on the mound, so I think the results came out well. It was another game where I learned a lot.

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