Lee Kang-in, ‘birthday self-congratulation’ help… golden left foot shone

Genius’ Lee Kang-in (22), who led the team to a 4-2 quick win over the transfer conflict by showing off his elaborate kicking power and participating in the defense, played for 81 minutes as a starter in the Villarreal War. . This is because other clubs offered to sign Lee Kang-in to Mallorca, but Mallorca rejected it without notifying Lee Kang-in. As a result, Lee Kang-in unfollowed the club’s social network service (SNS), and the conflict surfaced. After the January transfer window ended amid the club’s dissuade, Lee Kang-in eventually remained with the team. 먹튀검증

Lee Kang-in, who had a brief ‘happening’, is working hard for the team. Lee Kang-in, who started in a series of recent Spanish Primera Liga league games, contributed an assist to celebrate his birthday on the 19th, leading Mallorca to a 4-2 victory. On this day, Lee Kang-in started in the home game against Villarreal in the 22nd round of the 2022-2023 Primera Liga held at Visit Mallorca Estadi in Mallorca, Spain, and flew for 81 minutes. In particular, Lee Kang-in, who played as a left midfielder, showed off his sophisticated kicking power along with his vigorous activity. He also stood out as an active defensive player.

Lee Kang-in created a gap in the left corner surrounded by two defenders in the 45th minute of the first half, and then raised a cross to contribute to the score to lead 2-1. Pablo Maffeo, who received Lee Kang-in’s cross, put an early cross back into the center, which Rodriguez finished with a header. In the second half, Lee Kang-in’s ‘golden’ left foot shone even more. In the 11th minute of the second half, a sharp corner kick from the right hit Rodriguez’s head and was sucked into the goal, recording his 4th help of the season. It is an offensive point that came about four months after scoring a goal in an away game against his home team Valencia in October last year. Lee Kang-in is recording 2 goals and 4 assists in the league this season.

It was a pity that he could not finish the scoring chance. In the 28th minute of the second half, there was a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper in a counterattack situation, but Lee Kang-in’s attempted shot missed the side of the goal, swallowing regret. According to whoscored.com, a soccer statistics site, Lee Kang-in tried 29 passes and recorded a success rate of 86. He was also good defensively, making five tackles and one interception. Lee Kang-in received a rating of 7.7, the third highest on the team.

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