“Lee Kang-in, I’ve never seen a show like this”… Mallorca CRO highly praised again

Lee Kang-in, I have never seen such a professional player.” 온라인카지노

CRO Felix Torralba of Spain’s La Liga Mallorca recently met with Sports Seoul alone at the home stadium Visit Mallorca Estadi, giving a thumbs-up to the story of Lee Kang-in (22), the main midfielder.

Lee Kang-in received attention from major teams such as Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Brighton (England) in the transfer market last winter, but stayed in Mallorca. During this process, Lee Kang-in drew attention by unfollowing (unfollowing) Mallorca social media and showing dissatisfaction with the club not actively negotiating with other teams. However, Lee Kang-in is holding his heart and showing off his performance again. He harvested his 4th help of the season in the 22nd round home game (4-2 win) against Villarreal on the 19th.

The Mallorca club intends to take a more open attitude in negotiations with teams that want Lee Kang-in in the transfer market this summer in preparation for the new season. To that extent, he is determined not to give up the ‘current Lee Kang-in’ over the remainder of the season.

Toralba CRO said, “I feel that Kang-in Lee’s status has changed even more since last year’s (Qatar) World Cup.” He made his professional first team debut through Valencia in 2019, but he failed to seize the opportunity steadily and built a nest in Mallorca last season. He immediately hit a turning point by playing 30 league games (one goal and two assists), the most in a season in his career. He has been reborn as a leading player this season, and is recording 2 goals and 4 assists so far.

In particular, his creative passing using his unique left foot, his attacking talent, and his physical complement have significantly improved his defensive power. Not only in the league, but also in the World Cup in Qatar, where he participated as a member of the Korean national team at the end of last year, he showed his true value. In the second group match against Ghana, he helped Cho Kyu-sung’s header goal with a fantastic left-footed cross.

“I’ve never seen a professional player like this before,” Torralba CRO said. He upgraded his playing style in just one season. In addition to his splendid offense, he now has a strong defense. Seeing him grow so fast, he feels how much effort Lee Kang-in has put in.”

Also, many Korean fans were happy to visit Mallorca after the World Cup. Torralba CRO said, “I see many Korean fans coming to Mallorca to support Lee Kang-in. He also tried to repay as much as possible with good performance and fan service.” He also praised the attitude of trying to get as close to the fans of his country as possible, saying, “(Last 12th) right after the match against Sevilla, he took more than 30 minutes to sign autographs and take pictures for Korean fans, so the team bus departed late.”

Toralba CRO emphasized several times that Lee Kang-in and the club are having a happy time, leaving behind various rumors last winter. He also shared that he is enjoying his time with Korea’s top talent following Son Heung-min to the fullest.

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