Lee Woon, a rookie of ‘Looks Like Chae Byung-yong’, steadily growing… “Passed both the first and second positions”

Rookie pitcher Roun Lee (19) of SSG Landers, the 2022 professional baseball championship team, is showing smooth growth in his first professional spring camp.

Lee Rowun, a graduate of Daegu High School, was nominated by SSG as the 5th overall pick in the 1st round in the 2023 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) rookie draft held in September of last year, and succeeded in going directly to the pros.

Lee Rowun recorded an average ERA of 1.80 with 2 wins and 2 losses in the 2022 high school league. A stable ball with a heavy fastball of up to 150 km captured the hearts of SSG scouts. It was also impressive that he was a pitcher capable of boldly fighting inside.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung invited Roun Lee to the spring camp held in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. Coach Kim, who took the 1st designated new pitcher Yoon Tae-hyun (20) to the spring camp held in Jeju around this time last year, provided an opportunity for growth by taking the 1st designated player this time as well.

Rowoon Lee is growing step by step as expected by SSG.

On the last 3 days (hereafter local time), he satisfied the coaching staff by throwing a total of 32 pitches, including a heavy fastball, slider, changeup, and two-seam, in his first bullpen pitching. On the 9th, he threw 41 pitches and recorded a maximum speed of 146.9 km.

Lee Rowoon is still only 19 years old, but he is showing his presence even in the spring camp with great seniors. Manager Kim Won-hyung, who was a great pitcher, also gave a generous evaluation to Lee Row-un.

Coach Kim, who met with reporters at the Jackie Robinson Training Center in Vero Beach on the morning of the 10th, said, “It seems that (Lee) Rowoon and other rookie players came to the camp well prepared.” I like what he’s doing. At the first camp, he could be overzealous because he wanted to look good, but he didn’t.”

He added, “Once the pitch or the first pitch is a pass. I am confident in my ball,” adding, “Although the pattern still looks monotonous, I will be able to overcome it with my pitch.”

Lee Rowoon, who has a proud body of 184cm and 98kg, reminds me of right-hander Chae Byeong-yong, SSG Futures (second team) pitching coach. Coach Chae has been active for nearly 20 years at SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG) in the past and has won 84 times in his career.

Director Kim praised this, “I’ve seen (Chae) Byung-yong since he was young, and (Lee) Ro-Woon has weight on the ball like Byeong-Yong. Currently, Rowoon is better than Byeong-Yong in restraint.”

Regarding Lee Rowun’s concerns about his weight being a little too high for his height, he said, “If you don’t take care of yourself too much, you may have problems with your body. I think I will take care of it,” he advised.

Annie Romero (31), a high-level foreign player, is also paying attention to Roun Lee, a promising player who is just starting his professional career.

Romero recorded 4 wins and 6 losses and an average ERA of 5.12 in 137 games in the US Major League (MLB), and is a pitcher who joined SSG this time after showing prominence in Japanese professional baseball for four seasons. 카지노사이트

During the interview with reporters that day, when asked about a player who stood out, Romero picked Yi Ro-wun along with national ace Kim Gwang-hyeon (35) and praised him, saying, “I was surprised that a player who is about to become an adult has good control.”

In addition, Oh Won-seok (22), a 4-year-old player who has established himself as a decent first-team player, praised Lee Row-un, saying, “The ball was heavy and he played well.”

SSG is in a situation where there is a hunger for a special bullpen like last year.

There are experienced pitchers such as Seo Jin-yong, Moon Seung-won, and Roh Kyung-eun, but right-hander Lee Tae-yang transferred to the Hanwha Eagles and there is a power gap. This is why a new player like Comet should come out of SSG this season.

In this situation, if Lee Ro-Woon maintains his current form without injury, his professional debut will be faster.

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