“Let’s meet in Tucson” Ace’s deep longing for 53 wins as a big leaguer with a ransom of 10 billion won

Drew Luchinski (34, Oakland Athletics), who left for the major leagues after working as the ace of the NC Dinos for four years, said goodbye to his old teammates and fans.

Luchinski recently sent a video letter expressing his gratitude through an interpreter for the NC club.

On the 27th, NC put on translation subtitles and released it through the club’s YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t be with Changwon Masan, but I really want to say thank you,” said Luchinski, who said, “The NC front staff and coaching staff supported me, gave me opportunities, and made me who I am today. The trainer part is They were the hardest-working people in the club. They made me in the best condition so that I could play every week. It was a career that I would never have achieved without the help of the interpreter managers.”

He did not forget to express his affection for his teammates and fans.

He said, “My teammates, I had so much fun playing together. Towards the fans, he said, “All of this is for the fans.”

The memories of the 2020 Korean series were also recalled. Luchinski expressed affection, saying, “I was so happy to experience winning the Korean Series. I wish the Dinos to win more championships. I was happy to be a member of the NC Dinos. I will be a member of the Dinos for the rest of my life. I love and miss you.” did. At the same time, he hoped, “If I have a chance at CAMP2, I want to meet the players in Tucson.”

Luchinski, who played in the major leagues from 2014 to 2018, has been consistently active as NC’s ace for four years from 2019 to 2022. He went 53-36 with an earned run average of 3.06 in 121 KBO League games. 메이저놀이터

After finishing last season, Luchinski returned to the big leagues with a 1+1 year contract of up to $8 million (approximately 9.9 billion won) with Oakland. On the 29th, the NC team will leave for Tucson, Arizona, USA for field training. It is a two-hour drive from Mesa, the training ground for Luchinski’s team, Auckland, so it is expected that there will be a surprise visit and meeting on a day off.

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