LG Pil Seung-jo season 2nd 1st team canceled, why? The NC main catcher was finally excluded.

LG Twins Jung Woo-young was eliminated from the first team entry. NC Dinos Park Se-hyuk is also excluded from the entry due to injury.

On the 14th, the rest day, 10 clubs submitted changes to their entries. Right-handed pitcher Jung Woo-young was left out of the LG team. The LG club explained, “It is not a special reason, but the entry was canceled due to poor condition.” Jung Woo-young, a member of Pilseungjoo, showed an uneasy appearance by allowing consecutive runs in the last two games. He looks set to return after having some time to regroup.

It is the second time this season that Jung Woo-young is excluded from the first team entry. Last July, due to back pain, he was excluded once and returned.메이저사이트

In NC, main catcher Park Se-hyeok was left out of the entry. because of an injury Park Se-hyeok was replaced because he felt discomfort in his left wrist during the match against Suwon KT Wiz on the 13th. At the time, it appeared to be a minor injury, but a hospital examination revealed inflammation.

An official from the NC club explained, “As a result of the hospital checkup today, a diagnosis of tendinitis in the left wrist came out. I am scheduled to join the rehabilitation group on the 15th.” NC immediately faced a variable in which the main catcher was excluded from the entry. NC also missed pitcher Cho Min-seok and infielder Choi Bo-seong.

Kiwoom Heroes excluded pitcher Kim Dong-gyu and infielder Kim Soo-hwan. Kim Dong-gyu made his first start after his professional debut against LG in Jamsil on the 13th, but showed sluggish pitching with 5 runs in 2 innings and was eventually sent down to the 2nd team again after a day.

KIA Tigers infielder Kim Gyu-seong is excluded, and Doosan Bearson infielder Kim Min-hyuk is excluded.

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