LG runs solo, SSG is chasing right behind…

LG, a professional baseball team, is building a solo system after entering August. As of the 15th, it maintains a 6-game gap with SSG in second place.메이저놀이터

If the two teams do not draw a hyperbolic line of extreme wins and losses, the composition will not change drastically in a short period of time. However, LG cannot only keep an eye on SSG. Perhaps, more than SSG, KT, who is 8 games away, may be concerned.

It’s not just a pennant race problem. Inside and outside the club, it is time to think of various scenarios about opponents who will compete for the top of the season on the final stage, but looking at the recent change in the trend, it is difficult for LG to classify KT as one of several challenging forces.

The current KT is that strong. When any team runs a 144-game long race, the pace of each section, represented by monthly or weekly performance, is bound to fluctuate. However, the recent strength of KT shows great continuity.

First of all, the pace in the second half is overwhelming with a win rate of 0.810 (17 wins and 4 losses). However, it was already a long time ago when KT started. KT started to raise its head from last June, recording the first place in the monthly win rate (0.652), and since June, the win rate for 54 games was 0.704 (38 wins and 16 losses), which is also the first place in the same period. In terms of performance since June, it has 30 wins, 1 draw and 19 losses, significantly ahead of LG with a win rate of 0.612.

KT, which filled the club news with stories of injured players, was the lowest with an odds rate of 0.356 (16 wins, 2 draws, 29 losses) until last May, but after the reorganization began, it made a dramatic change than the drama. Since June, KT has shown solidity in sectoral indicators such as ERA (3.84), team batting average (0.283), and team OPS (0.743).

Looking at the match right now, the fight for second place, which has been narrowed down to two games, is a hot trend. KT also seems to be speeding up to rise to second place. Even among team officials, there is a voice that puts second place as the first target. It seems to be because if you rise to second place in the current postseason structure, you can create a situation where you can aim for the ‘great power’.

Even considering the relativity of the two teams, KT gives the impression that they are quite picky. LG and KT’s opponent record this season is 5 wins and 5 losses. From June, when KT laid the foundation for the team again, LG was slightly behind with 2 wins and 3 losses. The two teams have six head-to-head matches left.

The fight for second place between SSG and KT has already reached the pinnacle of the ranking fight. However, even for SSG, KT is generally an uncomfortable team. It is weak with 4 wins and 8 losses this season, but having to play 4 more games in the future can be a burden.

On the 29th of last month, LG recruited starter Choi Won-tae through a trade with Kiwoom, and is ‘all-in’ to win this season. This year, in order to capture the championship flag, we are engaged in an all-out war without a second one. When looking at an opponent who needs to overcome at any time, it is the season when KT, who has a closer psychological distance than physical distance, can be seen first.

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