Manager Kim Mok-gyeong’s advice, “Forget the glory of the past, the current performance is at the bottom”

“We have to forget the glories of the past and go back to the beginning.”

DRX, led by coach Kim Mok-kyung, suffered three consecutive losses in the opening season. DRX lost 1-2 in the first round of the 2023 LCK Spring Nongshim held at LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul on the afternoon of the 27th.

Head coach Kim Mok-gyeong, who met with reporters after the game, said, “We were worse than the other team in terms of performance and everything. We won a set, but it wasn’t because we did well that it was luck. Overall, I only showed a bad image,” calmly summarizing the defeat that day.

DRX’ was overwhelmed by the rookie Nongshim, who played in the Challengers League until last year, even though it included many veterans from the ‘LOL World Championship (hereinafter referred to as Worlds)’ such as Joon-hee “Beril”, Gwang-hee Kim “Rascal”, and Dae-gil Seo “Deokdam”. Rather than talking about physical or performance, coach Kim Mok-gyeong pinched the mental attitude of the players.

Coach Kim said, “I want you to think a lot about why you lost. The performance of the practice process is also not the same as today’s game. I have to talk to the players and solve it, but the opponents are rookie players. Our advantage is that we have more experience, and the biggest cause of defeat is that players with careers couldn’t make use of their strengths.” Our current performance is at the bottom. We need a little more earnestness or earnestness for victory.” 스포츠토토

Director Kim continued, “First of all, the most important thing is communication. The process of sorting out each other’s thoughts is the most important. Each player has very different thoughts even during the feedback session. Differences of opinion should be narrowed during the practice process, but it is still not enough. Even during the game, there are many cases where each player plays differently in object control or management and loses in vain. I will try to bring the thoughts of the players together.”

DRX will meet Guangdong on the 29th. Both teams have suffered three consecutive losses in the opening, so if they lose, they will be more driven to their opening four consecutive losses. It is a matchup that is not strange even if it is called the first destruction match of this spring season.

Manager Kim Mok-kyung said, “It is the same for both the players and the coaching staff to do their best to win in every game. It is natural to prepare for the Guangdong Match with the determination to win. However, it is necessary for all players to make efforts to lead from feedback to in-game with one mind and one will. If that happens, I think there will be an opportunity for us to rebound with the Guangdong Match.” It was coach Kim’s one-pointed advice that the entire team should have a professional spirit

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