Meme or law, the ‘DTD’ Lotte-‘UTU’ KT showdown

DTD (Down Team is Down) has been one of baseball’s most recognizable tropes since the 2000s. The demon of DTD, which is summoned as quickly as the laws of physics when an unexpectedly promising team shows its limits, is back in full force this season.

The protagonists are the Lotte Giants. They shed the “bomde” stigma by holding onto the top three until May, but their recent decline has been stark. Since the beginning of the month, they have lost 11 games while winning five before the 19th. 메이저사이트 This is the lowest monthly win percentage. On top of that, they’ve dropped back-to-back losing series to three teams in the bottom half of the standings that they need to catch to fight for position. Even though they escaped the losing streak by beating SSG Landers the day before, they couldn’t smile easily.

The biggest problem is the roster, which was the mainstay of Shenzhen’s early season success. The game against SSG on the 17th was typical. They entered the eighth inning with a four-run lead after seven innings of one-run ball from starter Park Se-woong, but a series of arson by Kim Jin-wook, Koo Seung-min, and Kim Won-joong resulted in a 5-8 loss. According to KB Report, Lotte’s relievers have a 6.47 ERA in June, the worst in the league.

This is not due to fatigue. Rather, Lotte’s pitchers have been carefully managing their innings pitched compared to the league as a whole. No pitcher has pitched more than 30 innings. Manager Larry Sutton also analyzed that it was not due to fatigue. “It’s not something you can fix by eating well and resting well.

The bats aren’t working either. Most notably, snow baseballs are missing. So far this month, Lotte batters have drawn just 55 walks, the third-fewest in the league. At the same time, they struck out 130 times, the third most in the league. In April and May, they struck out the least among the 10 clubs, a 180-degree turnaround in one month.

The way things are going, this week is a watershed in the standings. The three-game series against the KT Wiz is especially important. Depending on the outcome, they could slip to fifth place and face a tough LG team. The problem is KT’s recent form. After a poor first two months, they are now eyeing the mid-table. Its monthly win-loss margin is second (10-5). The most likely scenario for Lotte right now is ‘starting baseball’. Dan Straily has taken the reins at first base.

Lotte went through April and May with a more intact roster than any other team this year. Injuries were few and far between, and transfers and existing players were performing above expectations, which was refreshing. On the flip side, it also means that there is no reason to expect a dramatic increase in power going forward. Powerhouses like the Kiwoom Heroes and KT, who have been stagnant, are now ready to make a leap forward. The question is whether Lotte is one of the ‘teams to beat’ this season. Time is running out to prove it.

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