More and more twisted… ‘Innocent claim’ Puig, this time, he added an obstruction of justice charge

Yasiel Puig (33), who played for Kiwoom Heroes in the KBO League last year, was indicted for obstruction of justice this time.

LA local media ‘LA Times’ reported on the additional prosecution of Puig on the 11th (Korean time). The crime of obstruction of justice is in danger of being added to the existing crime of false statement.

Puig is in a court battle. False statements about illegal sports betting companies in 2019 became a problem. Puig was betting with a third party on illegal sports betting run by Wayne Joseph Nicks. U.S. prosecutors have identified that Puig made hundreds of illegal bets on tennis, football and basketball, excluding baseball, from May to September 2019.

During the investigation, the point the U.S. prosecutors took issue with Puig was not the sports betting itself, but that Puig lied in the process of investigating the allegations against his ringleader, Nix.

At the time, prosecutors said, “Puig had a chance to tell the truth about the Knicks’ gambling business, but he didn’t. Puig interfered with the work of investigators and prosecutors with lies.” Puig also admitted to making false statements to investigators in November last year and was fined at least $55,000 (about 70 million won). 메이저사이트

Little by little, the thread seemed to be unraveling, but on the 11th, Puig claimed innocence in court and started to get tangled again. Puig initially agreed to a fine rather than plead guilty to making false statements in plea bargaining. But he soon turned to a plea of ​​innocence.

“I want my name cleared. I shouldn’t have pleaded guilty to a crime I didn’t commit,” Puig said last year when he admitted to making false statements. Puig’s lawyers emphasized that he was charged with false statements, not illegal gambling, and tried to obtain an acquittal by arguing that he had not received adequate help during the investigation.

The media said, “Puig pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles courthouse, suggesting he would fight the trial. Puig faces charges of obstruction of justice as well as making false statements in the changed indictment. If convicted of obstruction of justice, he faces up to 10 years in prison. You can be punished. False statements are punishable by up to 5 years in prison,” he explained the current situation.

Resette Carnett, CEO of Puig’s agency, Leona Sports, said on personal social media, “I am disappointed that the prosecution has brought an unfair prosecution against Puig. There is no new action at issue. We intend to punish them for revealing the truth they claim they are not guilty of. Our sincere requests were ignored.”

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