MVP Kim Bum-seok of ‘All-Star Game Eve’ in the rain… Home run king is Chae Eun-seong

LG Rookie Kim Beom-seok was selected as the MVP at the Futures League All-Star Game held in monsoon rain.

In the home run race, where giant guns competed, Hanwha Chae Eun-seong won the first championship.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun on the sidewalk.

The Futures League All-Star Game, the future of professional baseball, held in Gudo Busan.

Players stood on the ground wearing their team’s uniforms and engaged in a hot hitting battle.

LG’s high school graduate rookie catcher Kim Beom-seok, who led the Northern League victory with a 3-pointer, was selected as the MVP.

[Kim Bum-seok / Futures League All-Star Game MVP (LG): I feel new because I showed good results in the neighborhood where I lived and grew up, and as the fans have been expecting a lot, I want to become the main catcher and lead LG to the championship.] ‘Geopo

‘ Chae Eun-seong, who hit 5 home runs with a golden bat, laughed in the home run race where the pride of the team was at stake.

[Chae Eun-seong / Winner of the Home Run Race (Hanhwa): I wonder if this is okay. not thinking about it at all I will take this good energy and do my best so that the players can go higher than they are now in the second half.]토토사이트 순위

All-star players such as Kim Hyun-soo, Su-bin Jung, and Kang-nam Yoo came out as batting ball pitchers and gave fans joy.

Although it rained and stopped, All-Star Friday went smoothly with the enthusiastic support of 10,000 spectators.

Despite the inclement weather, the fans who gathered for ‘baseball love’ enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

[Lee Jae-ha / Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi Province: I came all the way to Busan because I wanted to see Austin.]

[Lee So-hyeon / Busan Yongho-dong: Normally, it was hard to come together because (my friends) liked different teams, but it’s nice to come together because it’s an all-star game.] Players

and fans together The KBO League All-Star Game is in full swing this afternoon.

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